My last tutorial before X-mas, and the last in my “Handmade Holiday” initiative! I’ve picked the easiest, quickest and cheapest tutorial for last. You will create a pair of geometric earrings that are simply made from a cut crystal and bugle beads. 
Like most of my tutorials, this one is highly customizable; pick your favorite colors and metal style to make a look your own! Make sure you choose a hexagon-cut crystal (mine from Cousin) to get this look. If you don’t care about the geometric theme, try out a round crystal or even a teardrop crystal. Whatever you like! 
These seriously take 5 minutes to make, I timed it. I chose a color scheme of warm orange and light blue, complimented by gold for a contrasting yet cohesive look.


The small, dainty size of these earrings are great for everybody, and they aren’t too heavy. The crystals make them dressy, but the cool bugle beads and simple design give them a casual vibe.


Make these for anyone on your last-minute shopping list; they won’t  be disappointed!!




For a casual cool look, pair these simple earrings with a bright, on-trend watercolor print top and finish with both black leggings and black sneaker wedges.
Leggings by Tory Burch, top by Generation Bliss.
Are you ready? Let’s get started!
Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are geometric crystals (purple iridescent ones here, crystal AB here, black here) pliers (round nose, wire cutters), gold fishhooks, gold eye pins, and bugle beads.


Step 2: Add your crystal to the eye pin. Eye pins differ from headpins because they have a loop on the end, not a metal stopper. We need the loops so we can attach the beads to one another! Bend the eye pin at a 90 degree angle right after the bead. Cut about 3mm from the bead, and loop to finish. You should have the second picture.


Step 3: Add a bugle bead to an eye pin, and repeat. Repeat the last step’s technique of bending, cutting and looping to create two bugle bead links. You should have the last picture.


Step 4: Attach your bugle bead links to each side of the crystal, by twisting the loop open then twisting it back. Finally, add your fishhook to the empty ends of the bugle bead links! Your crystal should hang nicely in the middle. Repeat all the steps to make another earring.
See how simple?!! 


Ok, you’ve only got a couple more days left. Now go and make your earrings!!


All images & tutorial copyright Allison Beth Cooling; do not use/post without linking back to me.