Midi rings are super cool! They have become a super-big trend for summer. I totally love the bohemian feel of these rings, and they are really easy to make yourself. All you really need is wire and some pliers!
You can use any color wire, or really any gauge (not less than 22g, it will be unstable). What’s also great about these rings is that you can bend them into any shape, any design.


Here, I made one out of black wire and glued gems to the ends. This tutorial, I will be showing you how to make the super-simple silver wire one.
Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are pliers, a nail polish or marker (to bend the wire around), and wire, of course. You can grab some wire yourself through these links: silver 18g wire, bronze 18g wire. This will provide for a nice sturdy ring. 
Step 2: Cut off a coil of wire. At one end, use your roundnose  pliers and start a loop. Continue to make a loose loop, as seen in the picture. Now, bend this wire around your nail polish top, using it as a mold (find one that is the approximate size you need your ring. Remember, midi rings are smaller then regular rings). Continue looping until your wire is used up.
If you’re wondering, my nail polish color is Opi Cajun Shrimp!


Step 3: Make a small loop at the end to finish the end. If you need to trim your wire beforehand to make it the appropriate length, do this before looping.
That’s really it! Like I said, easy; five minutes to make your midi ring.


I have a bunch of styles here. Technique is basically the same, just switching up the gauges, amount of loops, and directions of the loops and swirls. 


Do not use my photos without crediting me, and if using this tutorial please link back!