So I got the new H&M catalogue and just now got to reading it. I loved the beachy photos and bright colors. One outfit caught my eye…
Super sleek and chic. Great for a manicure!
Sort of a chevron-meets-colorblock idea. Plus neons. Perfect and on-trend for summer. 
Plus, easy!
Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are nail polishes (white, black and two neon colors, use pink and yellow to stay true to the H&M outfit!), tape, scissors and top coat.

Step 2: Paint the nails white. Cut two thin strips of our tape, set up in a “V” pattern on nail as seen above.

Step 3: Paint the inside of the “V” pink, the outsides yellow. Peel off tape as fast as you can so the polish doesn’t dry then pull and rip as it sometimes does. Make sure these coats aren’t really gloomy, keep them thin so the paint doesn’t drool into the white “V”. Let dry.

Step 4: Take your paintbrush and paint the outline of the yellow “V” to finish the pattern and add some contrast! Let dry, apply top coat.
Very eye-catching!
See how easy this was?