With the advent of the internet there are tonnes of home decor stores like www.neonfilter.com offering all kinds of decorations for your home and garden. A beautifully decorated and functional house is what domestic dreams are made of!

All the more if it is done within a set budget! I mean, who does not dream of saving money? Budgeting does not always mean you are compromising on style. There are various ways to get home decor items at a relatively lower price. For example, you could always buy Home Depot coupons from Raise to get yourself some beautiful products at a lower price!

But one must always bear in mind that what is available from stores (online or otherwise) might not always appeal to the aesthetic we desire for our space! But again, thanks to the advent of the internet we don’t just have to rely on stores. We can make decor and accessories on our own terms by looking up DIY recipes. Our home is a reflection of your style and vibe and that’s why I love anything DIY!

The best accessories are handmade accessories, and they will add a totally unique look to your home. I’ve got some great ideas below for how to re-vamp your space, in style!


It’s all about storage!!! You need to consider different storage techniques that will help your kitchen look organized. Nobody likes a messy kitchen (or maybe that’s just one of my pet peeves)….Seek creative ways to utilize the cans and bottles in your house to store your kitchen gadgets and food items, to ease cluttering. You can also create beautiful labels for each item to minimize confusion during food prep and baking.

I always love flowers to add a pop of nature to any space, but they always look great on a kitchen table! My DIY Gold-Dipped Vase is a super chic project that will look great in any kitchen-fill with blooms that will match your space! I always love hydrangeas or peonies. And I think there are a lot of options when it comes to house plants. You get to choose from a range of flowering plants to large leafy plants. If interested, you can browse them here and buy a few for yourself. You might also have liked my DIY Gold-Dipped Vase and you might want to make it for your new homies, go for it.

Living Room

The décor and organization of the living room or gathering space typically is where you can be most creative! It may be a single piece that will change the general outlook of the room, or add small touches of DIY throughout for variation. Make sure you utilize your space to the best capability by minimizing clutter- again, nobody likes a messy space! I absolutely love candles to add that bohemian touch – my DIY Carved Glitter Candles look amazing in any space, and you can use colors and symbols that mean something to you!


I always love a calming vibe in the bathroom, so I would suggest using cool colors like blues, teals, greys and cream. You can also try DIY soap making (I have never done, but it’s on my list!) to create cute soaps for your bathroom. I love trinket dishes to hold odds and ends like earrings, lipsticks and nail polishes – my DIY Cosmo Clay Trinket Dishes do just the trick! If you do have a laundry room near the bathroom, it’s good to keep the appliances in tip-top form to get the best out of ’em. In case of a breakdown, you should try and learn different troubleshooting methods to reduce your machine’s unavailability. However huge or complicated the device is, there are simple DIY methods that you can use to help you repair the appliance. You can check if the blew the dryer thermal fuse of the iron box has a faulty plug, or checking the breaker or the valves in the washing machine.

Good luck to everyone DIY-ing their home decor! Create your own style, and stay crafty!

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