Jewelry has the power to turn your outfit from something nice to something stunning. However, be warned jewelry misused can create a mess that detracts from even the most beautiful attire. Accessorizing correctly, though, is an art form that you can learn. With these simple tips and tricks, you, too, can become a master at utilizing jewelry to its full and unmitigated potential.


First, you need to decide what look you are going for. If you do not know the impact you want to make, how can you accessorize for that look and achieve the right ensemble? Are you going for subtle, garish, colorful blends, etc.? The same dress can have many different impacts when you accessorize differently. That little black dress could be perfect for a romantic night out if you apply subtle jewelry, but for a night out on the town, perhaps you want more garish, with large gold pieces to get that bling look going.


It is a fun way to begin accessorizing by experimenting with jewelry. There are so many different styles. Think shapes, pendants, lengths, colors, and textures. You could try necklaces of differing lengths at the same time. A lot of bangles and bracelets can have a very specific look, if you are going for that hippy, free-spirited look, for example, that works here. If one bracelet is what you are after for that more subtle look, then you need to ensure you get something that matches the rest of the look. Also, you may need to know how to measure your wrist for a bracelet if you don’t want it slipping everywhere while you try to eat dinner in a sophisticated manner. In some cases, different earrings on each ear can be a great addition to a look. Lots of random rings, too, could be what you’re after. The tip here is to experiment and get a few different looks down to a tee.

Don’t Over Accessorize

Sometimes that extra ring or necklace can really detract from a great look. Remember, sometimes less is more. When you try new looks out, be critical, and know when it is time to stop with the jewelry.


Earrings are like an extension of your makeup as they are up by your face. Anyone looking at you will notice them, and you will want something that suits your style, look, and face type. Do you want to add movement with something dangly which can help you out of you’re a little nervous, or how about something sparkling like diamonds?

Be Bold

You never got anywhere by following the herd. Think a little differently. Why not try and create your own jewelry? DIY jewelry will ensure that you will have something that will be totally unique. You never know what kind of statement you can make if you do it yourself. Also, you can be sure to get that piece you always dreamed of this way. Most people have a set idea of something but can never find it anywhere. Creating your own can be the perfect answer.


Image from Pixabay