Ever wanted to custom design your own jewelry? There’s nothing more exciting than to have an entirely unique piece of jewelry that no one else possesses. Jewelry is an investment that is definitely worth making if you have the money to do so.

Of course, jewelry doesn’t need to cost you the earth but if you’re going to custom design your own jewelry, then it’s definitely worth going all out. Here are some helpful tips to custom-design your own jewelry this year.

Save photos of jewelry that you love and inspires you

To help start your journey of custom designing your own jewelry, it’s worth taking a look at what sparks joy for you. Everyone is different when it comes to fashion and the same goes for jewelry.

With that being said, take a look at what jewelry you do like and save these photos to a mood board or wherever is appropriate for you. As you start to gather photos of jewelry, you’re more likely to have some form of direction on what you want to design going forward.

Pick what type of jewelry you want to design

What type of jewelry do you want to design? Perhaps you’re a big fan of earrings or maybe you like something more subtle like an ankle bracelet or toe ring for example?

When it comes to designing jewelry, it’s always good to hone in on what the piece of jewelry will be for and more importantly who it will be for. If it’s for you, then you can take your own measurements and personality to inject into the design. If it’s for someone else, then you’ll want to factor in their personal taste and measurements too.

Understand the clarity of diamonds and stones

There’s a lot you should know about when it comes to designing your own jewelry. Understanding the clarity of diamonds for example is something that’s useful to have knowledge of. This detailed diamond clarity chart is a great way to understand what to look for when shopping for diamond cuts.

You should also consider what other stones are out there and what to look at when shopping for these too.

Approach a popular and reputable designer

To help make your design dreams a reality, it’s worth connecting with a popular and reputable designer. While you might be able to do some rough sketches yourself, you want to be able to present the crafter of the jewelry with an almost perfect representation of what you want to achieve.

That means speaking to a reputable designer and investing the money to bring your ideas and vision to life – on paper first.

Shop around for quotes on jewelry creation

When it comes to jewelry creation, you’ll want a selection of quotes. That way, you’ll know whether you’re paying above the nose for something, or you might be getting it for a bargain. By comparing quotes, you’ll be able to hopefully go for something in the middle.

Custom-designed jewelry is always special so make sure you’re making the most of this experience to create something beautiful.

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