My second installment in my “Handmade Holiday” initiative; my Jubilee Bracelets!
These bracelets just sparkle and shine, and look like candies when worn. With minimal materials but maximum wow factor, these little ditties can be whipped up quick, and are great to give as small gifts for the holidays.


Just like my Arizona Sparkle earrings, these require no advanced skills to make, and you don’t have to shell out a lot of money. What’s great about these is that with the addition of chunky crystals and slick metal chain, they only look expensive! There is no need for a clasp on this, the stretchy cord gives enough to fit over your hand.
If you want to make these bracelets for yourself (yes, you do), these are great to add to any outfit for a bit of sparkle and shine. Pair a basic black maxi dress with a beaded, boho cardigan and comfy moccasins. Finish off with a simple zip-top purse and loads of stacking bracelets, including the Jubilee bracelets! So cool, with a bit of gypsy-meets-evening look, great for running around shopping in the city!
*Outfit Credits* Dress by ISSA, sweater by Hoss Intropia, shoes by Minnetonka, bag by Fossil.
Don’t they just look like a party?!
I got all of my materials at Michaels, and these are all Cousin products. I have attached a printable shopping list under step 1 for easy shopping; all of these Cousin materials can be bought at a Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics, even Walmart and AC Moore craft stores!
I layered mine with mixed metal bracelets and bangles, even throwing in my Delicate Crystal Tassel Bracelet for good measure. Add a statement ring and you’re all set!
Are we ready to go?
Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are roundnose pliers and cutters, gold/antique gold cable chain, 6 or 8mm rondelle crystals, clear stretch cord, crimps and 4mm gold crimp covers. 


Step 2: Measure your wrist (if making this as gifts, the average wrist size is 7.5″). Double that amount, and take off 2″. Cut a piece of chain this long. Cut another piece of chain this long. With about 4″ of stretch cord, string on a crimp, then through the last link of each piece of chain, then back through the crimp and pull tight. Crimp the bead so that it locks the cord in place. Cut off the excess stretch cord, flush to the crimp.Take a crimp cover and place over your crimp, and close it by squeezing your pliers on it. The ends should meet and be flush and clean.


Step 3: String on five crystals to the stretch cord, then another crimp bead. String through the other two last links of chain, then back through the crimp bead, and pull the cord tight. Crimp the bead, cut off excess string, and add the gold crimp cover. Crimp shut.
You are finished!


What’s great about these is that you can use different colored chain, and mix and match crystals to create truly unique pieces. I love mixing metals, because the look becomes very boho-chic!
If you really wanted a holiday look, use green and red crystals with silver chain. These are great to wear any time of the year, and I’m sure anyone would love to get these as a gift! The chunky crystals definitely remind me of candies, and the mix of rose gold and shiny gold chain, along with the coated crystals, add just the right touch to any holiday party (or everyday) look!
Enjoy and be merry!
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