Fresh flowers and sparkly adornments…..what could be better??!!

Peonies are in full bloom, which inspired me to take ordinary glass vases and jazz them up with a bit of Cousin brand crystals and chains. 

What’s great about these vase “necklaces” is that you can customize them to fit a special occasion (like a wedding or shower) or color scheme. I went with neutrals and blush tones to match the peonies. I can see these totally working in wedding colors or even red, white and blue for upcoming Fourth of July. Pale pinks or baby blues for showers would provide a delicate touch to any tablescape. Decorating with  these at parties is simple too; make these ahead of time, and simply just place on your vases for an instant upgrade!

There really are no specific rules here, as the amount and configuration of chain and beads depend on your vases and the look you are going for. I’ll explain what I did so you can see the steps. These are really easy to make actually. Experiment with different styles and types of beads!

I’m featuring these Cousin rhinestone beads for the bigger vase, and Cousin pink pearls  with silver chain for the smaller vase. Also, it’s a great way to use up pendant beads that have been laying around. Or, if you have a lot of charms, go with an eclectic theme and mix them with crystals for a funky look!

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are glass vases, pliers, and an assortment of beads and chain.

I used a mix of Cousin brand chain in various styles. I also used Cousin focal crystal drop pendants and Swarovski pendants. I also used Cousin Jewelry Basic crystals and pearls.

Step 2: Depending on the size of your glass, use your chain to create a “necklace”. I used the smallest silver chain, and added the Swarovski pendant at the bottom. I attached a 6″ piece of chain to the top of a square Swarovski pendant (adding the rhinestone bead on top at first, but I reconfigured and removed it for the final piece). Then I took larger chain and created two side drops, about 7″ for each drop. Play around with your placement of chain to create something that fits the shape of your vase! There really are no rules here. Just make sure you have that initial  “necklace” and every other piece of chain is attached to this one so it stays together. I attached a 5″ swag of chain with jump rings to the initial necklace, and used headpins to make crystal and pearl drops on the ends of the free chain.
Notice that the first picture is different from what I ended up with; I played with various styles until I came up with the last one which I liked the most!

For another vase I started off with a necklace again, adding chain “swags” and connecting them with jumprings and charm drops. 

It really is that easy! No glue, waiting, advanced techniques or the like.

These make for a totally glam table setting. You can even make these to put on vases all around your house. If you are a sparkle lover like me, you totally need one in every room. These bring that “elegance” factor. They actually remind me of a sort of modern “French Country” type look– no, a French Country meets Luxe Boutique look. Any decorating at my house needs to include the glitz and diamonds, ok?!! Ring here (right picture) from Generation Bliss. These actually ended up matching my Harper’s Bazaar and Elle magazines perfectly. Go figure.

Flowers+crystals+perfume+jewelry+fashion magazines = HELL YES.
Enough said.

All photos copyright Allison Beth Cooling. Do not post/use without linking back to me and crediting me!