There is fashion for all seasons, but jewelry doesn’t go away. In fact, there are numerous ways you can get the most out of your best pieces all year round. Jewelry stacking looks great in the fall and can contrast well with thicker clothing and seasonal colors. Here are some tips.

What is Jewelry Stacking?

Stacking your jewelry is the art of mixing your best pieces together in one place. This doesn’t mean just wearing all you have, like Mr. T., but rather carefully placing your contrasting pieces in one place. For example, create a delicate layer of bracelets that accentuate your diamond tennis jewelry and bring out its best features. It sounds like an easy thing to do. But like all things in fashion, it requires some skill and know-how to get it to look right the first time.

The Delicacy of Bracelet Stacks

Bracelet stacking is among the more challenging ways to stack jewelry. Mainly because of the different styles you have. You may be tempted to wear chinkier pieces and go with that. But it will detract from all the other pieces. Bracelets are best kept to the same thickness, or you end up with a messy medley of bands on your arm. For instance, if you want chunky bracelets, then use only chunky ones. And if you are to adorn yourself with a delicate bracelet, then use thinner ones.

More is More with Ring Stacking

Rings are a little more forgiving when it comes to stacking, and you can get away with an eclectic mix of pretty much anything you want. Unlike the delicacy of bracelet stacking, you can pick and choose your favorite rings and mix them up across multiple fingers. A thumb looks great with two or three rings. And index fingers present well with midi rings. Consider the shape of your fingers and remember to contrast the colors of the precious metal and stones.

A Necklace Jewelry Stack Only Takes Two

You can begin a necklace layer beginning with just two pieces, and this looks great. The key is to mix it up between favorable chunkier necklaces and thinner ones. This sounds counterintuitive, like layering bracelets. But the trick here is to vary the length of each necklace so you can clearly see each one’s main feature. It’s not really about the chain but the layering of features because that’s where people will generally look. A mix of short and tight to long and loose works well.

Asymmetrical Earring Styling

There’s nothing wrong with layering earrings of the same type, or even copies, across your lobes. But an earring stack works much better when you create an asymmetrical pattern. And you can even include pieces across your ear helix. Because of the size and shape of your lobes, which is different for most people, you need to play around with sizes and shapes. Larger lobes present best with larger pieces, getting smaller as you work backward and upwards.


The average spend for a diamond ring is between $1,000 and $3,000. But you don’t need to wear your best for a jewelry stack. For example, you can get a better look by mixing and matching rings across your fingers and considering the size and shape of your lobes for earring stacks.

CC0 Licensed Image Courtesy of Pexels