These are my third installment in my “Handmade Holiday” initiative. These are just so dainty and cute! My Mini Monogram Bracelets are perfect for giving to your BFFs around the holidays! These are so simple to make, and cost a minimal amount of money to get them going. Plus, no hard techniques are used in the tutorial, and they come together in five minutes! Seriously, I timed myself. The longest time will be waiting for the paint on the alphabet beads to dry!
The mix between the cute alphabet beads and more modern open circle bead frames, with the addition of a small crystal dangle all make for a customized accessory, great for wearing every day! I chose to use gunmetal chain/findings here because it contrasts the white alphabet beads and is a little more modern than a gold would have been! If you or your BFF (or whoever else you are making this for) doesn’t fancy gunmetal, you can definitely change out the metal color!
I used Crystazzi crystals here for the gemstone/birthstone drops; if you don’t know what gemstones go with each month, look here. The addition of this birthstone drop adds both sparkle and shine, and makes this a truly unique piece!
I tool the same color paint of the gemstone and used it to paint the alphabet bead’s letter. You can use either nailpolish here or acrylic metallic paint. Adding this bit of color ties the beads together!
To style these, pair them with a casual oversize tee, baggy boyfriend jeans and cheetah sneaks. For warmth, add an oversize bright scarf. This look is great for running errands or meeting up with your friends!
*Outfit Credits: jeans and scarf from Generation Bliss, sneakers from Keds.*
These take less than 5 minutes apiece to make, and they are insanely easy to put together. The open circle beads I bought are from Cousin, and they come on a pack with open square beads as well. You can use the square beads (which fit 2 alphabet beads inside) to make bracelets that say BF for best friends if you want as well! Add a small heart charm dangle, and you’ve got stylish accessories for you and your friends.The possibilities are endless.
Are we ready to go?!
Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are white alphabet beads (mine from Cousin), Open circle beads (mine from Cousin), gunmetal headpins, clasps and chain, and then metallic acrylic paint or nail polish.
Have on hand wire cutters and round nose pliers.
These materials can be found at Michaels, JoAnn, AC Moore stores or even Walmart!
Step 2: Decide what initial and what birthstone you will need. For this bracelet, I’m doing a topaz gemstone with an A, so I’m gonna need gold paint to match the topaz.
Take your gold paint and paint a small amount into the indentation of the letter, and then gently wipe off the paint not in the indentation. You can use a small rag or just your finger. The gold should be left in the A. Repeat on the other side. Let the bead dry for a couple minutes, then repeat again so that the black is completely covered by gold.


Step 3: Take your headpin and cut off the metal end; create a small loop, and attach to a piece of chain that is the length of your wrist. Thread through the hole on the frame bead, then through the alphabet bead, then through the other side.


Step 4: Bend the wire at a right angle, then create a finishing loop. Attach the other side of your chain to this loop.


Step 5: Find the center link of your chain, and undo it; add a jumpring to this link, then a jumpring and clasp to the other side of your chain. To finish, add your gemstone crystal to a headpin, then cut, loop and attach to the loop on the side of the frame.  
Cute and unique.
Elegant too. These mix playful and chic! I’m sure all of your friends will want some!
All images copyright Allison Beth Cooling. Do not use/post this tutorial or pics without crediting me!