Bewitched Halloween Lookbook by Quiet Lion Creations

It’s every witch’s favorite season – and any pumpkin spice lover’s dream to find this hidden garden nestled between cornfields and evergreens. October is over, but why not carry some Halloween vibes throughout the rest of Fall?

An autumnal palette of caramel cream, cinnamon brown and with dusty olive pairs with bright pumpkin orange and cauldron black – contrasting cosmic silver sparkles provide the same glitter factor as a shooting star! This sequined Zara dress brings celestial vibes to the max, equipped with sheer mesh to provide an even more ethereal feeling. The slight chill in the air required the addition of my trusty vegan leather jacket.

The sparkle continues with layered accessories – stack bracelets and rings like there’s no tomorrow, but keep the colors coordinating for a cohesive look. For a festive statement earring look, large baubles are tres chic, and also tres easy to make. Grab 6 large beads (wood, thread-wrapped, acrylic or resin, something lightweight) to feature…..mine were sequin-wrapped wooden beads. Create bead links out of 4 of them (use eyepins), and bead drops with the remaining 2 (use headpins). Connect two bead links together and end with a bead drop. Attach the top loop of the bead link to an earring fishhook, and repeat for the other earring. Legit, you can make these in less than 10 minutes! The key, because of the large size, is by using lightweight beads – don’t choose any heavy glass crystals here! The bigger and crazier/sparklier the bauble, the better!

Enjoy the festive Fall vibes below! In Pumpkin Spice we Trust.

Location: Puckerville Farms

Jewelry: Mix of #DIY pieces and my CosmoStyle / Laura Janelle jewels ✴

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