The olive greens of Savannah, Georgia perfectly complimented my pre-planned outfit. Black is always the answer, but this time, is matched with a super silky Zara jacket and tawny floppy hat.

This purse is really the star here- I didn’t make it, but found in the Chelsea Market on my trip to New York. Handmade in Morocco, each stud is hammered onto leather, giving that perfectly imperfect look. Check out their website here – Imports from Marrakesh – as they have a ton of handmade pieces including rugs, purses, jewelry and more.

Our time in Savannah was super short – but strolling downtown, we were able to catch a few shots. The buildings, fairytale-like in color and stature. Wrought iron fences, cobblestone, mossy exteriors and all – it’s a long haul from Tampa, Florida, but if you live nearby, it’s full of artsy vibes. If you’re a photographer, plan a shoot here if you’re stopping through!