snakeskin courtesy of Atlas the Python ?

Sssssparkle and jewelssss make up the majority of this mini snake-themed motif. Why not take chunky-cut crystal components and dress them up with the addition of delicately textured Python skin? I think of it as pseudo-recycling technique, a spinoff of sorts to my Tarantula jewelry (see those posts here and here!). And let’s be clear — no animals were harmed in this process!! I used clear lacquer to adhere small pieces of the snakeskin to each crystal, capturing the lace-like pattern permanently.

Creating the statement necklace from chainmaille – yet mixing with plenty of rhinestones to offset that Medieval edge – prevents the piece from being totally “Knight in Shining Armor”. 

The two longer drop necklaces incorporate safety pins and gunmetal chain (I definitely think gunmetal/hematite plating will make a comeback soon, and I’m not complaining) for some punk rock elements. Something punk rock in aesthetic is clearly always necessary. Rhinestone cup chain and Swarovski crystal are the frosting on this reptilian-themed cupcake, adding that high class glitz against an otherwise mainly metallic palette.

Such accessories call for a badass attitude and matching wardrobe – it’s time to pull out the combat boots, ripped jeans, leather leggings and oversized trench coats. Graffiti is obviously a recurring theme in most shoots, and this scene was literally PERFECT, from the subject matter to mix of colors. Sometimes you have to search places out, while sometimes they come to you! Central Avenue in St. Petersburg Florida has some crazy cool graffiti, with the murals being done by different graffiti artists. Each has their own specific vibe, which is what the art form is all about.

I’ll leave you with the full photo post below, but be sure to check back for other creepy crawly jewelry (more snakes? spiders? I won’t tell) in the future!

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