I’m on a crystal kick.
I had some crystals and wanted to make yet another super-sparkly accessory out of them. If you want an equally sparkly bracelet to match your Crystal Amulet necklace from my last tutorial, these are super quick to whip up. The best part is that you can make them in any color scheme you want, and they require no intense skills to finish. 


All these bracelets consist of is multiple stretch-cord strands grouped together with another strand. I loved the cool electroplated rainbow finish of the crystals in the bronze-colored bracelet, so I paired those beads with silver and caramel-colored crystals to make a cool, eclectic scheme. I was inspired by the blues and aquamarine tones to make the other bracelet, offsetting the lightness of the colors by black and deep blue crystals.
Let’s get started!


Step 1: Gather materials.
All that’s needed are:
-Crystals. For the bronze bracelet I used a variety of crystals, including 4mm bronze bicones. Also, I used these cool electroplated crystals from Cousin which were more helix-shaped. If you can’t find these exact shapes, you can always substitute for crystal rondelles.
-Stretch cord. I am using .5mm stretch cord, you can find this on Amazon here and in craft stores.
For the blue bracelet, I used a blue crystal scheme, including 6mm aquamarine bicones, 4mm vitrail bicones, 4mm deep blue bicones, and 6mm light sapphire bicones. I also used small 3mm clear rondelle crystals too!
To make the first bracelet, simply cut a piece of your stretch cord that is 1.5 times the length of your wrist. Simply add your selected crystals and bead until the bracelet is as long as you need it. Add on a crimp bead, and thread the other side of cord back through the crimp, and crimp shut. Cut off the excess.


Continue making these bracelets until you have abut 5-6 strands. To group them all together, simply cut a 6″ piece of stretch cord, and thread on enough crystals to go around the bracelet bunch. Add on a crimp, and crimp shut. Cut the excess off. You should have a complete bracelet!
These are great bracelets to throw on with every outfit. They add that glam factor and can be worn by themselves, or paired with other bracelets. 
The ease of these bracelets is that they are on stretch cord, so no need to try to clasp it with your other hand, which is always difficult, right?! Just be careful with the stretch cord, don’t make the bracelets too tight because stretch cord sometimes has the tendency to snap if pulled tightly. Keep the bracelets a little loose and you will be all set.
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