mermaid ? dreams

FEATURING: MODEL: Tearsa Dougherty MAKEUP: SCHAUMIN ALEXANDER, @THEJAMERICANBEAUTY Golden hour has never looked better – with the fading sunset providing a Pisces-esque glow amid salty waves and sand, this can only be described as what mermaid dreams are made of! I decided to up the ante by going BIG with statement shell pieces, dripping rhinestones, … Continue Reading

pisces season

FEATURING: MODEL: NADYA SANTOS @NADYASANNTOS MAKEUP: SCHAUMIN ALEXANDER, @THEJAMERICANBEAUTY It’s PISCES SEASON fishes ♓?, and I’m channeling all our mystic mermaid vibes with my new Spring collection of shell jewelry. I have always loved chainmaille, and thought it would be the perfect compliment to seashells for an unexpected mix of edgy and feminine. The lacy look … Continue Reading

Sparkle Shells Anklet

My recent trip to Florida as part of the 2015 Cousin Corporation Ambassador Retreat totally inspired me to create my latest tutorial – my Sparkle Shells Anklet! If you read my last post, you’ll see why I decided to make this beachy-glam accessory; the shells I used were the ones I picked while walking up and … Continue Reading