Watercolor Blossoms Manicure

Super regal, super detailed, super cool. These intricate nails surely make a statement! Thanks to Born Pretty Store and their vast selection of nail art wraps, rhinestones, paints, foils, decorations and more, I was able to create a totally unique manicure that is perfect for parties or events. I would say this manicure takes more time … Continue Reading

Birds of a Feather Manicure

Purples and golds and sparkles. This nail tutorial is all about elegance; these gold feather decals just add that fine detailed look. Unexpected vitrail-finished crystal flat backs also add a modern vibe. I think I am obsessed with the vitrail look; that multicolored metallic-looking finish that’s becoming more popular these days. It’s an edgier version … Continue Reading

Ice Galaxy Foiled Nails

Just a few shots of my metal-flecked nail design! I used Born Pretty Store silver metal nail foil. I first did a white gel manicure using Sally Hansen UV set gel polish White Away. Then, I put a thin top clear coat and pressed the foil sheets down in multiple spots on my nails. after … Continue Reading