This Vanities Skull Bracelet is a super-easy DIY that doesn’t even take 10 minutes! 
Use up your cool colors of embroidery floss to make different looks. Not into skulls? 
Use different character beads for different themes! I found these skull beads at a local beadstore.

This DIY makes a bracelet that ties once around your wrist. The Vanities bracelet is a bit longer and wraps a couple of times. If you want yours longer, use longer lengths of thread.
Bright and fun! Use as many or as little colors as you want. My tutorial uses 3, but you can alter that amount.
Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are scissors, embroidery floss, and a skull bead. You will also need tape.

Step 2: Cut about 4 times the length you want your final bracelet to be; fold this piece in half. Repeat with 2 other colors. Tie overhand knots about 1″ from the end. Tape these three flosses together on your table. Take the leftmost color; twist this thread towards the left, really tight (but not too tight that it bunches up). Repeat with the center color, and the right color. You may need to either hold the ends in your teeth or tape down to keep the twist tight while twisting the other threads!

Step 3: Now, take all of the threads together, and twist them to the right; a spiral should form and hold tight. You can stop twisting when the bracelet holds itself in the pattern.

Step 4: Add your skull bead to the middle and knot. Knot the ends as well and cut.
Tie these on like friendship bracelets!