If you’re looking to get creative this weekend, below are some quick tutorials to adding style to your space!

DIY Crystal Phone Case

Customizing a phone case or laptop with crystals from Bluestreak crystals will add sparkle and shine to your life!

DIY Mermaid Case

DIY Hanging Flower Vases

They’re gorgeous for a backyard wedding (or party), adding a “fairytale” vibe to your space.

DIY Gold-Dipped Vase

Simply oh-so-chic, this DIY Gold-Dipped Bouquet Vase looks posh in any space!

Home Improvement

You might also take time to do home improvement projects. Finding the source of a damp or condensation problem in your home should be enjoyable, even though it may not sound like the most thrilling activity to take on. It also might end up saving you money in the long run. Condensation should first be cleaned out using a cloth. If inadequate ventilation is the issue, make sure to leave windows open or, if available, utilise an extractor fan. Dehumidifiers can be useful in certain circumstances.


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