Fall is here, and if you haven’t done so already, it’s time to freshen up your wardrobe for the cooler season. An essential part of creating the ultimate fall wardrobe is picking the right textiles for the season. Picking the right material is important for two main reasons. First, it determines the overall style of your fall fashion, and second, it ensures that your skin receives the right protection during the season. So, are you looking to create the ultimate fall fashion wardrobe? Here are the best textiles that deserve a place in your wardrobe.


Faux Leather

Many people already consider leather a fall staple, which will not change any time soon. But it’s best to choose a softer leather material this fall and combine it with pastel or saturated tones and soft design finishes. This way, whether you want to rock leather pants or trousers, dresses, blazers, or blouses, you’ll still have the resilience of the leather material while enjoying a softer feel on your skin.



The mention of corduroy may have raised your eyebrows slightly, which is understandable. While many people have relegated this material to the 70s background, corduroy is still very relevant today, even more so this fall. It’s a quick go-to material if you’re looking for a material with a textured feel that will also insulate and keep you warm when the temperature drops. But you can also pull off catchy fashion looks with corduroy, from rocking flared corded trousers to dresses, skirts, and corduroy suits. Or you can go for a 70s vibe fashion look and stand out from the crowd.


Many people may consider linen an ideal summer material, with its soft feel, lighter weight, and gentle touch on the skin. But linen can also be an excellent textile to use during fall. That’s because it can keep you warm during the cooler fall and winter months. You can wear it in layers or pair it with other materials to create unique fashion looks. But to do this, be sure to purchase your preferred linen fabric by the yard from a trusted seller.



Polyester may not be the most popular material choice, but it’s one of the most useful textile options for your fall wardrobe. That’s because polyester traps the elements of your outfits and keeps the heat locked up inside. Despite its lightweight, it can keep the rain and moisture out without trapping them. You can also pull off several fashion looks with polyester, especially when paired with other materials.



Wool fabrics are excellent when it comes to trapping heat, insulating, and protecting your body from the wind. With the constant rise and fall in temperatures during fall, wool materials can give your skin the protection it needs. And because of their insulation properties, you can wear wool for fall outdoor activities. Regarding fashion, you can pick dresses, sweaters, and coats made from wool and pair them with other lighter materials, as wool can be pretty heavy. Alternatively, you can opt for soft, comfortable, and lightweight wool materials like cashmere and merino wool.


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