This newest tutorial is full of color! Rainbowlicious, in fact. Inspired by All the Rage’s Day Bright Rainbowlicious Hoops, these simple earrings come together quickly. All you need is some wire and thread!  I used tie-dye embroidery floss from Michael’s to create the tie-dye look. If you don’t have any, you can use just plain colors.  
This accessory is on trend, as many designers are incorporating bright neon color into their designs and outfits for spring. 
the DIY!
Make them in all different colors for all different outfits!
Let’s get started.
Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are pliers, some superglue and hot glue, craft wire (a somewhat thicker gauge, maybe like 16 or so), embroidery floss, ear wires and jump rings.
I used a strand of tie-dye embroidery floss and a strand of plain yellow to create the striped look.
Step 2: Make your frames. Bend your wire around something round to create two identical hoops. My hoops were 2″ in diameter. Then, put a dab of hot glue where the ends meet to hold them in place.
Step 3: Begin wrapping. Cut about 2.5″ of one strand of bright yellow and one strand of tie-dye embroidery floss. Tie them in a knot onto your hoop, right next to the glue glob. Begin wrapping, making sure that the strands stay right next to each other to make even stripes.
Step 4: Continue wrapping. Keep the tension even and tight onto the hoop. Wrap all the way to your beginning knot. When I got to this point, I cut the excess string from the knot at the beginning and superglued the knot to hold close. Then, I wrapped my string over this knot to sort of hide it, then superglued the strands at the back, waited till dry, then cut these as well. 
Step 5: Finishing. It should look somewhat like this when done. With your jump ring, carefully hook it under two strands at the top and close. Add your ear wires to this jump ring to finish! Repeat for the other earring!
Finished Product


How they look on
Very Rainbowlicious
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