Purples and golds and sparkles.

This nail tutorial is all about elegance; these gold feather decals just add that fine detailed look. Unexpected vitrail-finished crystal flat backs also add a modern vibe. I think I am obsessed with the vitrail look; that multicolored metallic-looking finish that’s becoming more popular these days. It’s an edgier version of a traditional crystal.

This manicure was made possible with supplies from nail art and beauty superstore Born Pretty. This store has everything and anything you need to update your entire look! From gems, decals and polishes to jewelry, clothing and more, be sure to check them out online.

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Let’s get to the tutorial.

Step 1: Gather materials. I am using Born Pretty Peacock Gold Feather Decals Item Id 13673 and Born Pretty Rhinestone Wheel Id 14724. I also used gold shimmer polish, nail glue, black nail polish, purple nail polish and clear coat. I painted all my nails black except for the index and pinkie (yes, it shows black here, but paint the pinkie gold. I changed my mind!). Paint the pinkie gold and the index purple. 

On your black nails, use Born Pretty Sponges to get a gold gradient. Simply paint the edge of the sponge with a bit of gold and dab at the bottom of your nails to get a gold dusted look. On your index finger, take the large feather decal and apply. These are water decals; for more info on how to use these, view my Royal Teal manicure.
On the ring finger, apply the smaller feather decal.

On the Pinkie, simply use nail glue to apply three Born Pretty gems in a line down your nail. Press down and let dry. I also added one bigger gem to the index finger, placing it on the middle of the feather decal. When everything is dry, simply finish with top coat.

Purple and gold is a classic combination, standing for royalty. The addition of black is my touch, as you all know its my favorite color. If you don’t like that gothic touch, you could do a darker purple with gold, omitting the black.

This works great with all nail sizes. As you can see, mine are way shorter than they have been. Sadly my long nails have broke, forcing me to start from scratch. I always think darker colors look better on short nails, hence the palette. You could switch up the colors to fit your style! The peacock feather decals also come in silver, and Born Pretty’s rhinestones come in all colors. A baby blue/silver /white combination would be really pretty, or go girly with neutral polish, gold decals and Born Pretty Pearls.
The possibilities are endless!

Sophisticated yet stylish!

I find that these water decals are so easy to use, especially because they can be repositioned while still wet to get the perfect fit. If you were using a sticker, you’d be stuck with where it was placed first. I would recommend water decals to anyone!

All photos copyright Allison Beth Cooling. DO NOT use/post without linking to me and crediting me!