3……2……..1………..IT’S AN EXTRAVAGANZA! 👑🎂 Black cupcakes (we’ve nicknamed them SoulCakes as they are yes, black like my soul), unicorns 🦄, party lights, sparkler candles and a quick DIY — it’s a cyber birthday bash celebrating Quiet Lion’s fifth birthday, and Mhm That Girl’s first year breakthrough into blogging! If you’re a reader, you already know my spiel. However, … Continue Reading

#worldtraveler decoupage books

Have a case of Wanderlust, but caught in reality too much to follow it? Cheer up with these DIY decoupage books. I used magazines, paint and old novels to create totally chic decorations, worthy of any tablescape. Check out the full tutorial on the CraftPaperScissors site here!

Spellcheck Bangles

My new bitty bangles spell out a statement – of which you choose! Pair alphabet slider beads with embroidery floss and rhinestone spacers for simple to make – yet definitely unique – accessories! If it were up to me entirely, I’d create an entirely black set that said something slightly sassy – but it’s the … Continue Reading

riverstone wrap bracelets

The simply subdued moss greens, frost blues and light sage combine perfectly here in these wrapped arm adornments. Using small pieces of thin gauge wire to wrap on stones, crystals and pearls to leather cording creates lightweight, eclectic bracelets that definitely look sophisticated. I’ve chosen beads that all fit within this very calming color scheme. … Continue Reading

Midnight Mandala Chokers

The combination of lace, indie charms and Swarovski is surely a winning one. And not to mention that chokers are insanely trending on all social sites,,,,,,but seriously, these are super simple to make! You just have to find yourself some cool lace trim – links below – and dainty charms, then you’re set! No intense … Continue Reading

decked out decoupage boxes

 Upcycling at its best here – I took old cigar boxes and dressed them up with gems, scrapbooking paper and more! DIY home decor is easier than you think — check back soon for a link to the tutorials on these babies! COPYRIGHT Because I take all photos for my blog, the images within this … Continue Reading

Gatsby’s Ball Mason Jars

○ ✦ * ~”In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.”○ ✦ * ~ These totally Gatsby-esque mason jars just evoke that sense of the 1920’s – flowy feathers and all! I upcycled glass mason jars with a mix of twine, glitter, … Continue Reading

Super Southwest Braided Chokers

“Southwest” is taking the fashion world by storm! Whether it’s a pop of turquoise, the rugged texture of leather, or bright silver accents, take cues from the desert for your spring and summer wardrobe. These soft leather chokers are a great way to infuse the trend in your personal style repertoire. Much like my last … Continue Reading

Boho Wrap Bangles – New Video-torial!

Hey gypsies, check out my latest Video-torial — we’re all about that boho beach look here, and these simple bangles are perfect for any beginner jewelry maker. I’ve compiled my usual photo / text steps into one comprehensive video for everyone, and hope you like this new format. I’ll be adding more videos to supplement … Continue Reading

timekeeper necklace diy

Tick, tock, never run out of time with these insanely chic vintage-inspired necklaces! Antique watch faces star here as focal pendants, complimenting drippy metallic chain and faceted crystals. These watch faces were all found at an estate sale — I spotted that middle one in a jar of buttons and  baubles, and just knew it … Continue Reading