the supreme

No dark magic here, we’re not about that life, just a bit of simple sorcery in the form of sparkly DIY statement jewelry. Inspired by the cult classic AHS Coven, an iconic red, black and white color trio trickled its way into this shoot. Cracking candlelight flames add that chicly creepy effect – perfect for … Continue Reading

*practically* magic

Calling all witches, warlocks, fortune tellers and gypsies alike – gather up the squad for some spells, stories and maybe a spirit or two….. This wooded cove provided major Blair Witch vibes with its gnarled branches and secluded locale. The subtle crunch of littered leaves cut through an eerie silence, while the breeze between tangled … Continue Reading

charlotte’s web

Spider senses here with this semi-spooky Halloween-inspired look – the undercut being maybe my most favorite yet (thanks Mom)…. Flouncy sleeves, witchy heels and, of course, DIY jewels make up this look. If there’s one technique that I always go back to, it’s chainmaille. Not so much the GOT medieval-style chest armor, but a slightly … Continue Reading