I adore Dior. With the same spirit as my other Chanel Potion Necklaces, this Dior Potion Bottle combines a luxury perfume bottle, crystals, gold flake, chain and more to create what I think is the ultimate form of recycling! This bottle was from a mini sample of Dior perfume- I knew this could not just go into the garbage, that it had another purpose. 
I dried and cleaned the inside, filling it with gold flake and vintage pearls. I made a chain harness for it, so that it could hang securely. I added some crystal dangles, of course. The Swarovski crystals I used here were courtesy Cousin Corporation, the licensed dealer of Swarovski Create Your Style to all the major craft stores (Michaels, JoAnn and more). The gold/black/purple combo I used here is unexpected; I was gonna originally go with a neutral crystal scheme but found that teardrop purple crystal and thought, why not? The combo creates a certain drama that the piece needs. Overall, a super glam statement piece. I could totally get used to this type of “recycling”!

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