Filigree is always a good choice; the intricate swirls of metal and high shine add such a luxe touch to any piece of jewelry. And, when you add a Swarovski rhinestone and smooth pearls to contrast, a perfectly dressy-chic accessory is made.

These Fiona bracelets are great for beginners and advanced headers, as they only LOOK super difficult to make! It’s all about mixing materials that compliment each other. A simple wrapping and stringing technique is all that’s involved, and you can play around with mixing colors and crystals. I’ll show you how to make the simpler pearl bracelet, as the second is just a variation.

Step 1: Gather materials. You need pearls (I used large 8mm white pearls and 6mm colored pearls), small 4mm rondelle crystals, assorted filigree findings (similar bronze filigree here, filigree here or sterling filigree components here), silver crimp tubes, 6mm crimp covers, a toggle clasp, square sew-on rhinestones (similar here) and wire cutters / flat nose pliers.

Step 2: Complete the bracelet. Simply wire wrap your rhinestone to the center of the filigree with your thin gauge wire. Cut a piece of beading wire thats the length of your wrist, and thread through the end loop of the filigree. Fold in half, and then bead on about 8 beads. Repeat with your other side. Measure to make sure it will fit your wrist, and adjust bead amounts if necessary. Finish by adding your crimps and securing the toggle clasps then cut excess wire.

These look great worn alone for a chic look, or you can even mix them with other bracelets for a totally glam vibe. These are somewhat delicate, as you don’t want to scratch the prized Swarovski, so I wouldn’t wear these to do, yard work, per say. They’re more of a night out piece!

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