Simple and sophisticated with metal filigree accents and a mixed finish, these are some of the simplest earrings you will ever make.

All I’ve done here is take apart a Cousin charm pack and re-organize the charms, connecting them with jump rings. I’ve mixed the metal finish for a bohemian look, and used a cutout charm layered on top of another to create a 3D effect. This technique can really be used with any findings or charms you have laying around- play around with what you have to create different looks!

These are not heavy and are great for wearing to work. Plus, they took 5 MINUTES to finish. Amazing! 

Step 1: Gather Materials. You will need:
Metal Filigree Charms (I used Cousin brand)- their Metal Leaf Charms and Metal Charm pack, similar packs can be found at Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics and Walmart. 
Earring Fish Hooks
Pliers- flatnose

I first took the two silver filigree metal charms and attached the green crystal charm to the top (with a jumpring). For beginners, the proper way to open jump rings is by using two pliers (both flat nose for most control). Grab either side of the jumpring, with the opening at the top, and twist your right hand towards you and your left hand away from you. DO NOT EVER just pull both sides apart. This will drastically distort the ring shape and it will never look perfect again! Twisting allows for easy closing/opening without distortion of any kind.

Then, simply enough, I attached the bronze flower charm from the other pack to the same jumpring. The two charms laid on top of another. Then, I attached a silver fishhook to the top of the green crystal charm to complete. If you are using similar charm packs, try layering charms like I did here to achieve a multidimensional look! Always add a bit of sparkle with a crystal or shiny bead for that pop!

Seriously, these took you five minutes, right? That gives you extra time to play around with more beads and materials you have, to create more pairs of earrings. Love it!

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