Finally, another tutorial!
I’ve made luxe crystal tassels perfect for adding to anything such as curtains/window treatments, table runners, doorknobs, or anyplace else where you want a bit more sparkle!
I’ve collected a bunch of different beads in different mediums; glass beads, crystals, pearls, chain, and some focal pendants. All the materials here I am using are from Cousin Corporation, and can be found at JoAnn fabrics, Michael’s, AC Moore stores and Walmart.
I made these tassels for my table at the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago portfolio show today. Yes, I am officially graduated and have a BFA in Graphic Design. I used them on the four corners of my table setup to add some glitz, glamour and fun to my station! More pics from the show follow the tutorial below.
These did take a little time to make, so be patient. These are great especially for holidays or special occasions. They add such a unique handmade touch!
This tutorial is a bit ambiguous, just because there can be so much differentiation in size and style of your tassels, I didn’t put exact measurements. Just have fun and use your own judgement!
Step 1: Gather materials. I used a bunch of beads (pearls, crystals, glass beads) and chain. There is no certain amount of beads you need; I just threw together beads that complimented each other! 
Sticking to a specific color palette will help too. 
Start stringing strands of beads on beading thread (I used two strands for strength). To end, simply string back through the last bead to catch it, add a dab of glue and cut flush. MAKE SURE there is at least 3″ of empty string at the top, we will be using this later. 


Continue stringing, making sure the same amount of beads are on each strand so your tassels are the same size. Make strands of pearls, crystals, glass beads and whatever other beads suit your fancy.
I used Cousin crystal drop beads, attached them to a jumpring and chain for a focal drop piece.
Gather up all the strands you want in the tassel. Then, string them all through a large-hole crystal (or other bead) and tie a knot to collect them all. Then, I poked a headpin up through that large-hole bead so that I could use it to hang the tassel with.
Finally, I cut the excess string off all the strands, and finished with a bead cap and pearl. I created a round of beads to add at the top of the tassel as well; simply string on the required amount of beads and string back through the first bead, it should pull into a round.
There is no specific formula to make these; it all depends on the length, amount of beads, kind of beads, and number of strands that are in your tassels.
Here are my finished tassels. I made them with the flexible wire top so that you can hook them places, or even wrap them onto something. Below are some shots of my portfolio show tablescape at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago……
I made two flower arrangements for a bit of freshness. They had black tablecloths on all our tables but I amped mine up with a caramel-color satin overlay, where I added my tassels on the corners.
My business cards were in a silver-flaked shell dish and filled with acrylic diamonds. I had some caramel candy in there too! Of course the letterpresses cards were decked out with metallic foil and I added a Swarovski crystal flatback to the center.
I added rock details across the table with sliced agate, amethyst, quartz and carnelian to add some of my “metaphysical” vibes. Maybe the audience there though I was a gypsy or something. The other kids had their process books, mock-ups of final reports and such, and I had rocks, gems, crystals and flowers. And was wearing plenty of handmade jewelry, of course. Oh well.
I’m saving these tassels to use again. They’ve got all my favorite neutral colors but pack the glam factor with sparkle and shine!
All photos copyright Allison Beth Cooling. Do not post without crediting me!