I think its definitely too early to be thinking about this fall and winter, but in the fashion world, they have already moved on to next year! I saw the Miu Miu collection and though that the mix of stripes and spots were super-cool. However, I wanted to make a summery tutorial, especially because I have a lot of shells laying around.


Shell bobby pins! These are great for summer because they are bright and very eye-catching. I painted these with a mix of stripes, dots and used similar colors, from the Miu Miu collection. 
You don’t have to use the same patterns or colors that I did, you can paint them in any color to match your outfits! You can even add glitter for extra shine. As you can see, the bobby pin disappears (be sure to use a pin that is your hair color) and it looks like the shells are floating in your hair!


Let’s get started!
Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are shells, E-6000 glue, a paintbrush, paint, polymer clay, and bobby pins.

Step 2: Take your shell of choice, and place a marble of scrap clay in the empty spot where you want your pint. Squish it to fill the basin, and then press in your pin to make an indentation. Carefully pull the pin out to leave that indentation there.
Bake your shell and clay for about 15 minutes at 125 degrees (I use a toaster oven). The brand of clay doesn’t matter, but I always use Sculpey.

Step 3: Once your shell has baked and cooled, add a dollop of glue to the top of the pin. Push the pin back into the indentation you made, and press down to adhere; let the glue dry. I made three different ones, from different shaped shells!

Step 4: Once the glue has dried, its time to paint. This step is pretty loose, you can paint any pattern you want. Obviously, I channeled the Miu Miu collection and mixed patterns and bright colors contrasted with dark black. I used acrylic paints and nail polish and they both work fine, but I would reccommend nail polish because it stays shiny and adheres better.
Do not use very big, heavy shells, as these won’t adhere well and they will weigh down too much.
These are a super unique accessory that will surely make a statement!