Simple silver, hematite and copper tones mix in this modern – style hand bracelet.
Because of the minimal materials, it’s super lightweight and delicate, and has a ton of movement to it.
The secret here is the recycled headpins – more on that later – which are grouped together to create metallic tassels.
I’m using sterling silver chain here, and beads / findings from Cousin Corporation. You can also grab these materials from any craft store; Walmart, JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels Crafts, and even Meijer.
A better close-up of the metallic tassels. The metal charms here are indeed leftover headpin pieces – let me explain. You know when you are making charms, and you cut the excess wire from the headpin? Don’t throw those little wire pieces away! I literally have a dish I keep filled with wire cuttings and leftover pieces, perfect for using in a tutorial like this. Why throw perfectly good materials away when there is still a purpose for them, right?!
This really is a simple tutorial, no joke. Let’s get to it.
You will need:
-Wire clippings, 4mm round beads, chain, a magnetic clasp, jump rings and pliers. Pretty simple.
Start with a bunch of wire clippings. If you don’t have leftovers, you can just use eye pins here (which will obviously have a looped end, you will just need to cut shorter). For the wire clippings, cut them all to the same length. I think I used about 28 pieces of wire. Loop one end of each wire.
Take a 4mm round hematite bead and create a link with it (I even used another wire leftover for this, but again you can use an eye pin). Link 4 of the wire pieces into the bottom loop of the link. Make eight of these charms. Now, take a jumpring and attach two charms together with the jumpring. Do this four times.
Take your chain here, and measure on your hand – it helps if this chain is NOT soldered shut! Link the chain around your middle finger, closing it so it’s not tight. The trailing piece of chain should reach your wrist. Now, take another piece, going around your wrist, loosely, and link this trailing piece to the middle link. Add a magnet clasp on the ends of the bracelet part. Finally, add your jump ring charms evenly on the trailing chain part. 
Quick and easy, right? I like the edgy, raw vibe of the metals and tassels, a non-bohemian take on the usually gypsy-style accessory. My readers know my affinity for the boho style, but I wanted to switch it up a bit for this tutorial.
This might also be really cool if you used a mixed palette of gold/silver for the tassel parts, as it would give a subtly contrasted look.
I’ve been really feelin’ the combo of silver and copper lately.  Somethin’ about that flashy, unexpected  palette that just works for me.
I’ll leave you with a couple sparkly ending pics. Like always, if you decide to follow this tutorial, post on instagram and tag @quietlioncreations – I’ll repost you!!
Peace out all!
All photos and text copyright Allison Beth Cooling. Do not post/reuse without linking and crediting me!