Peacock Neck


Pins and needles, pearls and purple orchids mix and mingle in this edgily chic necklace. Some of my favorite pieces to make are these huge chunky statement necklaces, tangled up with a mix of chains and beads. I want to at some point do a tutorial for you guys – but the truth is, half the time I don’t know what I am making ’till it’s finished! I truly just tangle, braid and scrunch up strands, holding them together with safety pins and jump rings. These necklaces do get a bit heavy, so if making your own, I suggest using double jump rings and a heavyweight toggle clasp instead of a lobster claw closure!
The focal peacock rhinestone component is a brooch I simply clipped onto the necklace, securing with a bit of wire. If you’re not a fan of brooches, try clipping them to necklaces or even on hair ties (if small enough) for a change! You can see this piece in action on my model Karlee in my latest lookbook here. Enjoy the inspo!

Peacock Necklace by Quiet Lion Creations

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Quiet Lion creations for Julbox Jewelry


My newest collaboration for Julbox includes three pieces: “Daydreamer”, “Follow the Stars” and “Roar”. Using their amazingly simple online software, I was able to create these three designs and have them custom made in no time! The pieces are all 14k gold plated or sterling silver, and use Swarovski crystals as accents. I was really impressed by the quality of the jewelry – the metal was a heavier weight, yet still looks light and chic when wearing! If you want to shop my online collection, follow the link here. If you’re feeling adventurous, try your hand at creating your very own design! With a mix of shapes, letters and icons, plus the ability to engrave (seen on my “Daydreamer” and “Roar” designs) and use cutouts (as seen on all my designs), you can really get creative. I of course had to add the Swarovski crystals, as nothing is complete without a bit of sparkle…..  They even let you choose the chain length and type, for both necklaces and bracelets.

Each was created with a bohemian spirit in mind, which I’m sure you know by now, is my go-to style. “Daydreamer” was inspired by the works of Dali, whereas “Roar” was an homage to the animal kingdom. “Follow the Stars” was a connection to the mystic of the moon and nighttime.

To read more about the entire Julbox project, head on over to their site!


Quiet Lion creations for Julbox Jewelry

Quiet Lion creations for Julbox Jewelry

Quiet Lion creations for Julbox Jewelry

Quiet Lion creations for Julbox Jewelry

Quiet Lion creations for Julbox Jewelry

Quiet Lion creations for Julbox Jewelry

My pretties….these DIY Hair Ring Charms come together in minutes – but add a bohemian flair to any braid or updo.

I quickly added them to my braid for this pic – but I love adding them to buns as well. The rings simply twist open and closed and are lightweight – add charms or keep them plain depending on your outfit.

This tutorial is a no-brainer – soft aluminum wire is the perfect base for these flexible rings (which are essentially large jump rings!) allowing for a variety of styles. Twist the wire for texture – keep it plain for sleek chicness.

With the rise of festival fashion and Coachella, hair jewelry is definitely up-trending. A lot of hair clips or jewelry only work on long hair – if you’ve got short hair, create a small braid and add these puppies in. Check.

Are we ready?!

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are: jump rings (4mm or 6mm), an assortment of bohemian charms, a sharpie or marker (to mold the wire around) and 16g / 18g wire. I used aluminum wire – it’s easy to bend. You will also need wire cutters for snipping the wire.

Step 2: Wrap 16g aluminum wire around the Sharpie – wrap 4 or 5 times.

Step 3: Remove the wraps from the Sharpie by gently sliding them off. Cut at the top of each wrap to create the rings.

Cut at the same spot on each wrap for perfect rings!

Step 4: To make the twisted rings, cut 8″ of 18g wire. Fold in half, and hold this halfway point with the pliers. Twist the wires together, holding strong and making the wraps tight.

Step 5: Wrap around the Sharpie….

Cut the twisted wire to create more rings.

You can choose to leave your rings plain or adorn with charms – I say, adorning with charms is always preferred! Simply attach 6mm jump rings to each charm.

Slide the charms on the wire rings and then bend to close. Don’t ever PULL the rings! TWIST them to open and close – it will keep their shape. Promise me you won’t pull!!! 🙂

Create these in a variety of themes and colors for every outfit. They are totally reusable too.

Took me much longer to actually write this tutorial than it did to create these sparklies. If you follow this DIY and create your own – post a pic to insta and tag me @quietlioncreations – I’ll repost you!



The olive greens of Savannah, Georgia perfectly complimented my pre-planned outfit. Black is always the answer, but this time, is matched with a super silky Zara jacket and tawny floppy hat.

This purse is really the star here- I didn’t make it, but found in the Chelsea Market on my trip to New York. Handmade in Morocco, each stud is hammered onto leather, giving that perfectly imperfect look. Check out their website here – Imports from Marrakesh – as they have a ton of handmade pieces including rugs, purses, jewelry and more.

Our time in Savannah was super short – but strolling downtown, we were able to catch a few shots. The buildings, fairytale-like in color and stature. Wrought iron fences, cobblestone, mossy exteriors and all – it’s a long haul from Tampa, Florida, but if you live nearby, it’s full of artsy vibes. If you’re a photographer, plan a shoot here if you’re stopping through!





A  soft, angelic palette of vanilla whites, pastel pinks and sky blues compliment the mood of this shoot perfectly. Modeled after my Stardust Sparkler necklace (DIY here!), I’ve used a contemporary mix of steel grey bicones and silvery bugle beads in this look for a chic update. When paired with a monochromatic ruffle dress and suede boots, the sparkly statement piece stands out, while still remaining understated.

I love love love me some authentic antique goodies (here in the form of vintage watch faces) to create OOAK designs from – my Timekeeper necklaces below bring the magic of a bygone era to the wearer. Matching the grungy and somewhat rusty exterior finish of the watches with insanely sparkly Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls creates the best kind of contrast!

Special thanks to Nik for bearing the January cold!







….take a walk on the wild side…. An almost-barren landscape of ghostly trees, weathered prairie grass and spots of speckled snow paint the picture of a mid January landscape. Winter {specifically post – Christmas} in Chicago can get a little dreary at times. Cold without the hustle and bustle of the holidays, the short days can wear ‘ya down. I mean, I like {love} the darkness, but not at 3 in the afternoon. It makes it exhaustingly difficult to shoot – lookbooks or otherwise 🙁

However, that’s no excuse for dressing drearily as well – my flower child Karlee shows us warm weather whimsy can be brought to the winter months. Yes, it was a bit chilly for her runnin’ around in shorts and a crochet tee, but it has to be fully sleeting with a windchill of negative 40 for northerners to get cold.

In Coachella spirit, my mala necklaces paired with a charm choker, bohemian top and boyfriend jeans spells everyday chic. Add a knit sweater for practicality.

Why is she carrying an ice cream cone filled with flowers? Because I said so. ✌️

Ok, so the boho theme takes a little darker turn (you didn’t expect that with me, did you? Jk) with the addition of spike jewelry and an edgier wardrobe.

My men’s mala necklaces and stacking bracelets pair perfectly with a casual tee, jeans and combat boots, via Fláv. Add a beanie – they are always necessary.

For the ladies, yes, you can wear rompers in winter – pair tights underneath and add booties and a floppy hat. Finish with more – malas, of course. I’ll definitely post a tut soon on how to make these. If you haven’t guessed, malas are kind of my favorites.


Our last look may be the most practical for winter – lace and fur – for a modern Cinderella vibe. Ice blues and dove grey combine for that true cold-weather color combo. My featured necklace below mixes pearls, chain, crystals and pave beads (single post with directions coming soon on this) – definitely offsets the sugary sweet pastel coat and feminine florals of the dress. The earrings I simply made by attaching Swarovski (what else?) disc drops to a metal laser-cut connector.

For the dudes, I love layering stone necklaces in varying lengths over any top. He’s also got that semi-denim on denim look (hello 90s) which is definitely monochromatically chic. I made his necklaces from agate, obsidian and tourmaline beads, plus Tibetan pendants. One of my fav sites for awesome Tibetan and metal pendants/amulets is Happy Mango Beads. They have great pieces you can’t find elsewhere – plus – Boulder Opal. I am legit OBSESSED with this stone – if I could buy all the pendants I would, but they’re $50+ each. I got one off this site a while back when they were on an amazing sale, I paid less than $10. If you love gemstones, check out Boulder Opal. Super unique.

A special thanks to my bebes Kar and Fláv, who weathered (besides the ACTUAL weather) frozen fingers/toes, creepy people in cars spying and lack of yummy snacks/drinks to shoot my lookbook for a good 3 hours.

At the very bottom, I’ve got a dope intro film made by Fláv – check it out!

 ⁂ ✿ ⁂ ✿ ⁂ ✿ ⁂ ✿ ⁂ ✿ ⁂ 

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Skulls and bones and the deep mahogany tones of this necklace – complete with fire opal sparkles courtesy Swarovski – mean this might be one of my favorite pieces yet.

The inspiration started with this shimmering tiger’s eye skully pendant. Tiger’s eye is one of my most favorite stones, as each stone transforms, depending on the angle of light.

To compliment the caramel colors in the pendant, satin pearls and 14k gold plated beads were knotted into a long mala. Adding a feather drop for a bit of whimsy finished off the piece.

To recreate the look yourself, start with a large gemstone skull pendant. You can find similar small 20mm stone skull charms here, or can get larger ones on eEbay for pretty cheap.

I used Swarovski flatback crystals in 3mm, 4mm and 5mm (plus the focal Flame stone in Fire Opal) to create the headdress. You can find Swarovski clear crystal flame flatbacks here, and Swarovski mixed color flatbacks here. I used Gem-Tac glue to adhere the crystals.

After decorating the skull with your desired crystals, knot a mala necklace using 8mm pearls, crystal accents, and golden bead caps. It’s super important to use nylon cording here for a strong mala, but make sure the beads you have can go through this cord. I used 1mm nylon cord (similar here) in brown.

I actually slid on the pendant first, then knotted each side around it. For me, it was easier to gauge how long I wanted it (ended up about 28″ long).

Make sure to have even amounts of beads on each side of the skull – close the necklace either with clasps or a sliding knot closure.

Finally, add a bronze or gold feather charm with a 10mm or 6mm jumpring to the nylon cord between the pendant and bead next to it.

For fun, glue some Swarovskis onto it for extra sparkle. You can’t go wrong with extra sparkle.

These would be amazing in an array of colors and themes – try different stones and use the stones as the color inspiration. Aquamarine would be gorgeous with silver beads and milky white crystals. Try a black obsidian skull with deep garnet crystals and black pearls. Mix and match, it’s up to you!

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Text in style with these DIY crystal phone cases – mixing sparkly gems, chains and charm dangles creates killer tech accessories that are totally customizable.

Use any phone case that you currently have – the crystals definitely spruce up the look. Or, if you’re like me, create a wardrobe of phone cases that you can switch out depending on your mood.

You can find some really cool phone cases on Amazon, and they’re pretty cheap too. They have a lot of henna and bohemian cases here and here. Also, they have some laser cut designs (here and here), and here’s a pineapple one similar to mine.

Gem-Tac works really well here at holding the stones. I made a crystal phone case a while back (featured in my China post), and it lasted me all the way till about a month ago, when the crystals started to come off. I was expecting it to last a month maybe, but it definitely surprised me. On a design like this (where the crystals are placed in a more singular style) you might get a little less life out of it – pack the crystals tightly together to make it last longer, it’s got more strength.

I’m not a huge fan of yellow – but I love the mix of this pale yellow with aurora borealis crystals. I added chunkier gems on this case, because the more glitz, the better.

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are phone cases, mixed flatback crystals (mine from Swarovski),  Gem-Tac, silver or gold chain, 6mm and 10mm jump rings (silver or gold) and an assortment of crystal pendants or charms for the bottom dangle. Pliers will be needed to add the chain dangle.

A toothpick definitely helps for gluing the crystals – place dots of glue on the phone case where you want the flatbacks.


Gently but firmly place the flatbacks on the glue – if it spreads a bit, it’s ok, Gem-Tac dries clear.

Add more glue dots to anywhere else you’d like sparkles!

Use a mix of crystal sizes to get a more detailed look. Let the glue fully dry – a good way to tell when it’s (mostly) dry is to check and make sure the glue turned clear.

Gather the 6mm and 10mm jump rings, chain and pendants/charms.

Cut the chain in various lengths (1″-3″) and add the charms at bottom with 6mm jump rings. Use flatnose pliers (mine by Cousin) to open and close the rings. Use wirecutters to cut the wire (my pliers above have wire cutters built in).

Add all chains to a 6mm jump ring, and close the ring. Add 10mm jump rings at top (2 for strength) and connect to the bottom of the phone case.

For a more glitzy look, use Swarovski rivolis (buy them at Michaels stores!) and glue to the case. It works well if the case has cutouts so you can set the rival in the cutout notch.

Add chain dangles – use silver for a modern look!


Connect to the bottom of the phone case with 10mm silver jump rings.

Tropical colors definitely fit the pineapple theme.


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It would also be pretty amazing to cover the case in a crystal mosaic – maybe even create a large pattern (I can see an evil eye, hamsa, or yin yang) design on a plain phone case.

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Anyone looking for a cute and easy DIY? Like, is that even a question?

My super-easy personalized mugs are now up {click here for full tutorial} – these make great stocking stuffer gifts for upcoming Xmas as well.

Best part? WRITE ANYTHING YOU WANT. I’ll leave that part up to you!

Content within this post is copyright Allison Beth Cooling for Quiet Lion Creations.
If you’d like permission to use a photo, email me at

Anyone looking for a cute and easy DIY? Like, is that even a question?

My super-easy personalized mugs are now up {click here for full tutorial} – these make great stocking stuffer gifts for upcoming Xmas as well.

Best part? WRITE ANYTHING YOU WANT. I’ll leave that part up to you!

Content within this post is copyright Allison Beth Cooling for Quiet Lion Creations.
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