Chanel Potion Necklaces

OMGGGG……. SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS + GOLD AND SILVER FOIL + VINTAGE PEARLS + CHAIN + CHANEL = INSANE That’s how we do math @ The Quiet Lion.  My newest necklaces take upcycling to a whole ‘nother level.  Old empty Chanel perfume bottles are redesigned into super sparkly pendants, and hung from metallic chain. I’ve chosen a … Continue Reading

Cheyenne Feather Necklaces

I’m lovin’ the mix of bohemian and glamour that these necklaces bring! This is a simple tutorial which allows for a lot of customization. I also will show you a quick way to “dust” these feathers with a bit of metallic nail polish for a subtle shimmer. What’s great about these is that they can … Continue Reading

Supernova Necklace

A prismatic array of full-specturm color. I found this amazing Aurora Borealis Quartz Crystal at the Lizzadro Lapidary Museum and had to have it. The multicolored coating (read more below) is a statement on its own.  I didn’t know at first what I wanted to make out of it. I had some ideas but ultimately decided … Continue Reading