COLLAB POST FEATURING MODEL: @MISCHABLOOM JEWELRY/PHOTOGRAPHY:  QUIET LION CREATIONS Springtime strolls came with a side of hurricane-like wind! Not complaining, though, because it definitely complimented the free-spirited vibe of this shoot! Special thanks to Mischa for bearing the crazy weather 🙂 Drawing inspiration from Coachella and music festival style, these four looks mix textures, patterns and colors for multilayered glam! Stacked accessories are sort … Continue Reading

mystic arrowhead necklaces

These mystic-glam bohemian layering necklaces are going to be your new favorite everyday piece, trust me. The mix between rustic stone arrowheads and luxe gems makes for an interesting contrast that goes with everything from maxi dresses to a tee and jeans! It’s a simple diy that really doesn’t take all that long. What’s best … Continue Reading

bohemian bliss agate necklaces

I think my accessory of Summer 2015 is definitely my Bohemian Bliss agate necklaces. I combine agate (or even geode and gemstone pendants) slices, metallics, Swarovski crystals and chain to create eclectic layering pieces that are perfect for hippies, yogis, or really anyone who loves boho style! What’s great about these is that each is … Continue Reading

treasure chest necklaces

✘ marks the spot! These treasure chest pendant necklaces are no, not for pirates. They are for anyone who wants a super sparkly, super customizable accessory that’s super easy to make! Gather round, beaders, and I’ll show you exactly how to create one of your very own! I was inspired to make these after discovering … Continue Reading

Reverie Part 2

Reverie – an idea of an escape, being lost in thought, being at the complete mercy of one’s whim. That’s what my Women’s summer collection is all about; the mix of seemingly unpairable colors, textures and shapes that magically come together to create completely eclectic yet completely wearable pieces. My favorite is to literally load … Continue Reading

crystal mandala headpiece

  The perfect accessory for all my gypsies, this crystal beaded headband is so intensely sparkly, yet so quick to make. The key?! Beaded chain. Saves you seriously hours of connecting beads ‘cuz it’s premade. Like who doesn’t like that?! Anyway, most of the materials I’m using here are all jewelry making supplies by Pandahall. … Continue Reading

Indie metallic Rocks +diy

For all my gypsy souls – the power of gemstones paired with the high-shine of… Metallic Tattoos?! Yes, I did a little experiment, and Metallic Tattoos (the like MUST HAVE accessory of the summer) do work on surfaces other than skin. I played around with adhering them to rocks, because those are the types of … Continue Reading

blog hop – coachella hat jewelry + armband

It’s time to start thinking about festival season. A time where bohemian style stars, meaning flowy silhouettes, loads of accessories, wild hair and body paint shine. What better way to celebrate than creating your very own, customized jewelry to rock out in?! I’ve created these two pieces entirely from Cousin Corporation materials (which you can … Continue Reading