charcoal latte - quiet lion creations

charcoal x coconut milk x glitter

it’s truly the stuff {goth} dreams are made of….

Where? Chocolate Pi, Tampa

I had been seeking out charcoal lattes, like elusive magical unicorns, ever since seeing the trend on Pinterest a few months ago. After spotting a charcoal latte on a friend’s Instagram post, I immediately asked her where she had found this much sought-after creamy concoction. I had entirely no clue that Chocolate Pi’s sparkly rendition was hiding a mere 20-minute drive from me. I HAD.TO.GO–NOW!

What better to pair with this deliciously dark drink than edgy accessories and sheer, starry shirts. Layer up your dainty jewelry for a perfectly proportioned pairing – delicate pieces are great for all-day wearing. They won’t weigh you down like heavier pieces will….I’ve given myself a few neck aches here and there from chunkier designs. But, sometimes you’ve gotta suffer for style!

Some of my favorite everyday pieces are dainty (faux) leather chokers. They give that edginess without being over-the-top goth. Create your own by cutting an approx. 14″ to 15″ piece of flat, faux leather. Slide on beads, charms, or a slider component (like the evil eye below) to the center. Finish both ends with flat ribbon ends, and add a clasp and extender chain, just in case. These chokers become such a staple in my wardrobe that it feels strange if I leave the house without adding one. Not a “OHMYGOD where is my phone?!” level of panic, but more a “hey, something is missing” mild alert….

Anyway, if you’re ever in the Tampa area, PLEASE go check out Chocolate Pi – or if you’re miles away, gawk at their Instagram page.

charcoal latte - quiet lion creations

black latte - quiet lion creations