With the lightness of lace and the sheer sparkle of Swarovski flatbacks, these pendant necklaces, although small in size, truly pack a punch!
This is actually a perfect tutorial for anyone who is new to jewelry making. If you are always intimidated by DIY projects, don’t fear. This jewelry tutorial is the perfect step into working with higher end materials (sterling silver / precious metal and Swarovski) and I encourage you to try it!

With some glue, filigree components and chain you can have a super sophisticated piece, perfect for both casual outfits and dressy occasions.

Use any color crystal flatbacks here to suit your mood. Go for light and like colors, shown here, to wear them layered. Or, choose one focal piece and make it a ravishing rainbow of hues!

I’ll show you exactly how I made these three pieces, and don’t worry, it doesn’t take long. Just give some time for the glue to dry, and you’ll be on your way. Feel free to use these pendants as earrings as well!

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are filigree pendants (silver styles here and gold styles here), rhinestone flatbacks in multiple colors and sizes (some clear stones here and silver stones here), a toothpick and Gem-Tac, necklace chain, 6mm jump rings and flatnose pliers.

I used sterling silver bases here for an upscale look. You can grab sterling chain at any local craft store. Cousin Elegance Metals has many different chains that are pre-made for ease!

Step 2: Crystallize. Use your toothpick to pick up small dabs of glue and place on the filigree pendant. Do not use too much glue here, or it will ooze out the bottom of the pendant – not good!
You can embellish as much or as little as you want! Let the glue dry fully.

The back of the pendant should be clean, without glue webs. It helps to place the crystals fully on metal parts, instead of cutouts.
Simply attach your pendant to a premade necklace chain with your jumpring. Use flatnose pliers to help you open and close the jump rings.

Super simple, yet so sophisticated. I love how these our lightweight, and can be layered for a mix ‘ n match vibe! Filigree pendants come in so many sizes and shapes– try using multiple pendants per piece for a super-shiny statement accessory.

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