This Asos necklace is simple yet cool. Plus, it’s totally easy to make on your own. It’s a quirky accessory that is guaranteed to catch eyes. My DIY version uses things that you surely have on hand, and comes together quick!
I like the sleek look of this design. It’s perfect for those who like edgier jewelry!

Let’s get started!
Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are pliers, chain, jump rings, a match, gold wire, gold paint, black nail polish, clear glaze, hot glue and some superglue.

Step 2: Take your gold wire and make two small looped headpins (first pic). Set aside. now, take your match and paint the stick part gold. You will need a couple of coats. Paint the end black. When this is dry, cover in clear gloss glaze. Let dry.
Step 3: Take a small dot of hot glue and attach one of the loops to the back of the match. Repeat with other side. I added superglue around the small dab of hot glue for added strength. Attach these loops to either end of your chain, making sure there is an even amount of chain on both sides so it lays right!
Simple enough?!

The necklace on

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