Who would pay $17 for two simple ribbon bracelets?! Not me. And don’t you either. Follow my tutorial below to make the ASOS Ribbon Stretch Bracelet yourself.
This tutorial produces the SAME EXACT bracelets that ASOS sells. Know how some of my tutorials produce “look-alike” results? Not here. 
Here, you will make literally the same piece of jewelry. 
For literally less than $2.
Are you stoked yet?

All these bracelets are is a ribbon strip woven on stretchy cord.
 Believe me, I checked it out.
The results will vary if you use thicker ribbon, or different color ribbon. Feel free to make your fav colors into bracelets. Maybe even use different strips of ribbon in the same bracelet? Could be cool!

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are scissors, tape (not completely necessary), ribbon (I used satin ribbon a little more than 1/4″ thick, this produced great results. Don’t go more than 1/2″ thick and don’t go too thin), pliers, a crimp, elastic cord, and a large-holed embroidery needle. You also need clear nail polish to coat the end of the ribbon so it doesn’t fray. Your ribbon needs to be different lengths depending on how large your wrist is. The best bet is to use ribbon still on the spool so you have a lot left! This ribbon above gave me just the right amount, I was lucky!

Step 2: Cut a length of elastic about 1.5 times the length you want your finished bracelet. Thread on to your needle; leaving about 1/2″ loose on one side. Secure needle to the cord by tying a knot with the long end and 1/2″ end, then tie another knot nice and tight to completely secure the needle on. Coat the end of your ribbon with clear nail polish to make sure it doesn’t fray. 
Thread the ribbon on your needle, then as seen in the second pic, bunch it up a bit and stick the needle through again. There should be a little less than 1/4″ between each time you stick the needle through.

Step 3: Continue threading on your ribbon, bunching it up again and again. Slide the ribbon down gently every so often onto the elastic. When it is long enough (bottom pic), slide all the ribbon onto the elastic, cut the ribbon and coat the ends with clear nail polish. Center the ribbon “snake” on the elastic, and cut off the knot/needle. Slide on a crimp and bring the other end of elastic through the other side, pull tight so the ends of the “snake” meet. Crimp shut, cut off excess elastic.

These would also make good scrunchies. For a pop of color use neon ribbon!

Feel free to make them in different colors!
Also, I used ribbon with those loops on the sides for the yellow and blue here. Cute.


wow. I'm heading to michael's now just to try this out! Simple and easy to understand. Thank you!

Great idea! Thanks for sharing this with us:)

You are such a good DIY-er!

Can't wait to make these as scrunchies for
myself and my granddaughter. Thanks for the great idea.

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