Oasis Metal Disc Earrings
Oasis Metal Disc Earrings
My newest tutorial; Make your own Oasis metal stud earrings! As seen on ASOS.com, a super-popular fashion site with pieces in many fashion magazines. Super chic and versatile for every new fall outfit. Plus, they are totally easy to make. You aren’t limited to silver, copper and gold; with the versatility of nail polish (which we will use to paint our clay base), you can create any color combination. My tutorial shows how to make a metallic taupe pair, by using various shades of opaque and metallic brown nail polish.
Ready? Set? Go!

My version!
Step 1: Gather materials. You need some white opaque acrylic paint, two earring posts, a marble-sized ball of scrap polymer clay (any color works, we will paint over it), super glue, and some nailpolish (colors depend on what metal you want to replicate; I am using Nirvana by Sinful Colors for my opaque brown base coat, then various white and taupe shimmery shades by Sally Hansen for the top coats.) Make sure to get one opaque color and then maybe 1-2 shimmery shades for top coats. Sometimes, mixing shades turns out well too. Layer a dark black, then top with shimmery purple and green for a cool lamé effect. 

Step 2: Make two half-centimeter sized balls of clay. Flatten into a pancake. Drape over a fluted glass (here, I used a champagne glass) with a lot crevices. You could use any piece of glassware with a small pattern. Press down gently, then gently peel off the clay ball. You should have a subtle imprint in the clay. This step is crucial to getting that textured look the Oasis earrings have. Bake these clay pieces at about 150 degrees for 15 min. Your time may be a little different, as I use a small toaster oven.

Step 3: Glue posts to the back (the untextured side) of the clay pieces. Let dry. Paint a thick coat of the white acrylic on the pieces, and stick into a ball of thumb tack to dry. Wait a few hours to make sure it’s completely dry. Paint your opaque nail polish shade on top of the white; make sure to get the sides and back of the clay disc as well. Again, stick in thumb tack and let dry a couple of hours.

Step 4: The fun part. Layer your transparent shimmery shades on top. I used one shade of Sally Hansen #4453 (a light shimmery taupe). Then I used two shades of Wet and Wild Beautiful in Bronze. Feel free to experiment with different layers and colors. If you want to give the illusion of metal (like the Oasis earrings) though, only stick with brassy, coppery, silvery, or gold-like shades. 
Make sure you let each coat dry a couple of hours before applying a new coat, or the paint will be gummy and never dry. Then, paint with a coat of clear lacquer or clear nail polish on top for extra shine. Let dry a couple of hours. You are finished!

The finished earrings. Super simple yet chic.

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