Crystal moccasins? Why not?! These summery accessories are great for music festivals, parades, arcades, picnics, carnivals and more. Wouldn’t you agree?

Just some quick sewing and gluing will have your tired moccasins looking supa’ fresh in no time. I think the mix of colors here and those cool iridescent rhinestone flat backs mix perfectly.

Seed beads are traditionally what moccasins are embellished with, but you know I need to pull out the sparkle on every chance possible. You could even stud these for a more edgy vibe. That may be my next tutorial….who knows?! Are you ready to start?!

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are a pair of moccasins, sewing needles, E6000 glue, fishing line, cabochons (Pandahall Tawaian Colorful Flat Back rhinestones), wooden beads (Pandahall Oval Wood Beads), seed beads (Pandahall Opaque Mixed Color Beads).

Step 2: Start by gluing on your flat backs – I tried to fill up as much space as I could, putting them in rows. Let dry.

Step 3: Cut a 2 foot long piece of fishing line, and tie a small knot right at the end. Thread the other end through your sewing needle, and start sewing on wood beads and seed beads. There is no particular pattern. I hate sewing so I just embellished a little bit. If you love to sew, go all out. It’s hard to sew through this thick material, so I used flat nose piers to help me grab the needle and pull it. Tie another knot when finished sewing to hold everything in place, then cut off the excess fishing line. I used fishing line because of its strength and it’s clear, so you won’t see the thread!

Easy peasy. Pick any color combo you want – try shaped rhinestones (teardrops?) for an elegant look, or even spike studs for an edgy look. It’s up to you!

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