A bright pop of color! These super cute Firecracker Daisy earrings only take a simple technique to create dazzling bead-woven beauties!

These earrings are a little longer, but if you want to stick with just the top flower that’s ok too! I’ve chosen to mix a hodgepodge of colors here to give it that twinkling look – you can choose to use only certain colors if you’re making these for a specific outfit or something!

These give off such a summery vibe, and would be great to wear to summer parties, picnics, or other get-togethers. Most of the beads and jewelry supplies I will be using are from PandaHall, but you can find similar materials and such at your local craft store.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed is 24 gauge wire (mine from Cousin), gold earring hooks (18mm long iron fishhooks from Pandahall), wooden beads (4X6mm colored wood oval beads from Pandahall), glass crystals (sky blue faceted 4mm bicones from Pandahall), seed beads (size 8 opaque mixed color beads from Pandahall) and pliers (flat nose, round nose and wire cutters).

Step 2: To make the smaller flower, start by cutting a 5″ piece of your wire. Thread on a wood bead and a seed bead. Thread the end of the wire back through the wood bead (picture 2), keeping most of the wire on the rightmost side. Thread on a wood bead then another seed bead at this long end, and thread back through that wood bead, pulling tight to your first wood bead. It should look like the rightmost picture.

Step 3: Continue with this technique, adding “petals” until you have 6. To finish, twist both free ends of wire together tightly and then cut off the excess. Repeat for a second flower.

Step 4: Make another flower, but this time, add two wood beads per petal and make it 8 petals. To add the crystal centers, cut a 5″ piece of wire and thread on 5 crystals; twist together to create a loop. Wrap around the center of the large flower, weaving up and down and in-between beads to secure. Add one more crystal in the middle and wrap again. Twist the ends and cut.

Step 5: Add a crystal center to the small flower, only using 3 crystals this time. To adhere your flower to the fishhook, use a small cutting of wire and thread through one of the seed beads. Create a wrapped loop and attach a jumpring. Add that jumpring to the fishhook. Do the same with the bottom petal of the small flower, and the top petal of the large flower to finish. Connect both with a jump ring.

These are super summery and fun. Nothing I would personally wear (with favorite colors black, black and more black) but my mom would love these. I’ll give ’em to her!

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