As you all already know, the Punk fall trend is in full swing! So for this tutorial, I decided to make a cool wrap bracelet with slick metal beads that can go with basically anything. Girls or guys can wear it, as it is pretty neutral and would be a great addition to any outfit.

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It only takes a simple technique of wrapping between two outer cords to make, and can also be customized to your tastes; use different colored metal beads, or even gemstone rounds instead of the silver ones I have picked! However, these great silver acrylic beads by Cousin have a faceted cut that allows for maximum sparkle and shine, so I highly recommend them. You can follow Cousin here on Twitter for new product updates and more!
If you are in the mood for more Punk, head over to my Punk Nails tutorial…..that manicure will definitely look awesome when paired with this bracelet! 
This tutorial makes a bracelet that is about 2.5′ long, which wraps perfectly 5 times around my wrist. You may need to alter the length a little bit to make sure it will fit you!
Let’s get started.
Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are pliers and scissors, 6mm acrylic silver rondelles (from Cousin), black cord (from Cousin)–also called “rat-tail cord”, clear monofilament (from Cousin) and a silver button (for closing).


Step 2: Cut about 7′ of your monifilament. Cut about 5′ of your black cord, and string on the button. Make sure the button is in the center of the cord, and make a knot, securing the button in place. Tie a tight knot (use your pliers to pull snug) with the end of your monofilament right up against the knot to secure. Cut the small amount excess string when done.
Step 3: String on one silver bead. Bring the monofilament in front of your righthand black cord, then behind it and through the hole of the bead again. Pull snug; the bead should be caught in place and the monofilament looped around the righthand cord. Bring the cord behind the lefthand cord, then around towards the front; add on another bead. Repeat what you just did by bringing it in front of the righthand cord, then looping behind and through the hole of this bead. Pull snug again. The bead should look exactly like the last one, caught in place with the monofilament looped again around the righthand cord. 
Keep repeating this same technique….


Step 4: Repeat the tecnhique all the way until your bracelet is the desired length, I made mine 2.5′. When it is the desired length (make sure it wraps at least 3 times around your wrist), simply tie all 3 cords together in a tight knot. I tied the monofilament into a small knot again so it wouldn’t slip through the bigger knot, then I added a bit of glue to secure. I then cut the monofilament after this knot. Leave about a half inch or so (enough for your button to snugly fit through) and tie another overhand knot with the two black cords. Cut excess string off.
Two wear, simply wrap and secure closed with your button closure! It helps, when doing the bead wraps, to hold the panel with your left hand and wrap with your right. It is a bit tricky at first because the monofilament will be so long and it tends to get tangled. Just go slow and you will get the hang of it!!



See? Great for guys too! If you aren’t into metal, use wood beads for a guy’s bracelet or even lava beads for a cool textural effect. For girls, sparkly crystals would be awesome as well!
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The string creates a really nice web effect to the bracelet. Using wood beads would be a great idea! 🙂

Love this!!!

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