Hawaiian Orchid Earrings

I literally cannot get enough of these earrings. The mix of bright gold metal, ab coated glass beads, faceted mirror crystal and filigreed coins create totally luxe-looking ear candy. And, what’s best about these is that a beginner beaded can make them. I’m serious. I got the idea for these after seeing those beautiful golden … Continue Reading

kaleidoscope clay pendants +diy

A kaleidoscope of color and sparkle! These fun pendants are great for summer – the mix of color, texture and material make for a totally multidimensional piece. This is a great way to use up all of your “bead soup”, or random beads that are laying around in your stash, with no real home. I … Continue Reading

crystal fairy rings +diy

  You can almost see the sparkle and twinkle of fairies flying around these glittery treasures! My newest tutorial combines gleaming rhinestone buttons and silver plated crystals to create delightfully dainty stacking rings. This is a beginner tutorial, so everyone can enjoy making these! What I love most is the mix of seemingly simple materials … Continue Reading