alina necklace

My bohemian-chic Alina necklace combines thread, crystals painted beads in an entirely new way! I was inspired to make this design based on intricate glass folk beads by Cousin – the combination of black and slightly metallic rose gold caught my eye. These beads totally reminded me of those painted eggs you see in Ukranian, … Continue Reading

Fiona Filigree Bracelets

Filigree is always a good choice; the intricate swirls of metal and high shine add such a luxe touch to any piece of jewelry. And, when you add a Swarovski rhinestone and smooth pearls to contrast, a perfectly dressy-chic accessory is made. These Fiona bracelets are great for beginners and advanced headers, as they only … Continue Reading

Reverie Part 2

Reverie – an idea of an escape, being lost in thought, being at the complete mercy of one’s whim. That’s what my Women’s summer collection is all about; the mix of seemingly unpairable colors, textures and shapes that magically come together to create completely eclectic yet completely wearable pieces. My favorite is to literally load … Continue Reading