This is yet another super easy, super quick tutorial. This dainty wire heart bracelet from Urban Outfitters is great for summer; the gold and silver tones look great against tans! Plus, it’s lightweight and you can layer them with other necklaces. The original is a bracelet, but in the tutorial I make both a bracelet and necklace. You can make whatever you want, just cut the chain accordingly.


The copper heart is my bracelet, while the silver heart is the necklace. Mixed metals are really cool, and they are more interesting than just the same tone. Feel free to try any combinations!
You can also vary the shape of the heart by using different forms to bend the wire around. My one heart is shorter and rounded, while the other is longer and thinner.


I am not a “heart” person; I was thinking of making these to wear myself in lightning bolts, diamonds, half moons or any other cool symbol! The technique is the same, just the shape you bend it in can vary.


Let’s get started!
Step 1: Gather materials. All that’s needed are pliers (you can get a pack of 3 on Amazon here), cable chain and clasp (make sure the links are not soldered shut), two jump rings, wire (different gauges will work, 18g to 20g is what I used. Do not use thinner than 20 though, and thicker gauges like 14 will be too thick to work with). Also, you will need glue like E-6000 glue.


Step 2: Cut a length of wire, 1 foot is plenty. Fold it in half. Use a pencil or pen and stick it in the fold to catch the wire. Hold the loose ends of wire with pliers, then twist your pencil, to twist the wire. Keep twisting, until the twists are tight and rope-like. Slide your pencil off, and cut off this loop. You should have a straight rope of wire. Fold this rope in half, into a “V”. 


Step 3: Right next to the point in the “V”, on the outside of the “V”, place your pen/pencil. Loop the end of the wire towards yourself, making one side of the heart. Flip the “V”, and do the same to the other unbent piece of wire. It should look like this. The size of your pen/pencil and how tight you bend it will make the heart shape differ.


Step 4: Cut the ends of the heart to meet at a point, (make sure the wire pieces are touching) and glue these ends together. Let it dry.


Step 5: Find the center of your bracelet/necklace chain, and split it into two equal lengths. Take your two jumprings, attach one to each side of the wire. Attach your jumprings to opposite sides of your heart. Close the jumprings. Attach your clasp to the ends of your chain.
Like I said, different shapes can be made. Maybe try to bend around small cookie cutters like in my By Boe Star Earrings.  




Make some for your friends and relatives! As you can see, these come together quick so they would make a great gift.
If you share/use/post this tutorial, please link back to me. It is much appreciated! Don’t use my photos without crediting me please!