The second of my Men’s Jewelry Tutorials, this tutorial features leather-wrapped gemstones on chain. I was inspired to make these from my pile of gemstones I had been collecting; they were just laying around. I was looking for a more unique way to wrap them then the ordinary wire wrap. Much like my Painted Leather Bracelets, these use recycled leather and metallic paint. These are very chic yet still have detailing from the painted leather, and if you choose a textured stone, the unique pattern of the stone. You can also leave the leather unpainted if you wish! 
I do not recommend using transparent stones here, just opaque ones. Using a metallic stone such as hematite here contrasts the matte leather nicely. Stones such as obsidian (the red one) have cool patterns that make the piece more unique! Don’t use a large heavy stone here, it will weigh the design down too much.
Let’s get started!


Step 1: Gather materials. Needed is a piece of leather (or flat leather string), a stone, glue (E-6000), and ball chain. Also, you will need acrylic metallic paint if you wish to paint the leather.
Step 2: Take your leather, and cut it into a thin strip. Place a coat of glue on one side of the strip. Place the end of the strip on the backside of the stone, then wrap around the front of the stone, until the strip ends meet; cut to fit as needed (second pic). Once the ends are cut, place glue on top of the ends to adhere more. 
Step 3: To make the loop, take another strip of leather (or the excess you cut off) and glue it right above your previous wrap of leather on the backside. Bend it backwards to make a loop, and glue this yet again to hold (pic 2). Place even more glue over all the edges to adhere. Let this dry. If you would like to paint this, feel free to use metallic acrylic paint (I use brand Folk Art). If you want the leather to remain plain, that’s cool too!
String the loop through the ball chain. Finished!
Don’t use any heavy stones here. Small ones are best!


If you share/use/post this tutorial, please link back to me. It is much appreciated! Don’t use my photos without crediting me please!



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