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Summer Lookbook Jewelry by Quiet Lion Creations

Back in early August…I get a text from Ela saying…”We are going to NY FASHION WEEK!”. Now, I normally don’t text at work, but this was SURELY worthy of an exception. Before planning outfits, but after replying with a big “YASSSSS”, I planned the coordination of my tech gear. Cameras; check…lenses; check….laptops; check….flash; check….memory cards; check.

As social media correspondents for Fashion Gallery’s weekend shows at the Stewart Hotel, we were allowed full access to the backstage pre-show moments, front row runway views, and press/after-show activity. I tried my best to capture most moments and if you were following on insta (hopefully!), post live feeds and footage.

Pre-show hair and makeup was great, being able to get a glimpse of the show styles and inspiration before the production. Most of the shows had makeup by Makeup Forever Academy and hair by Cole Stevens Salon. We went there an hour before each show to capture some great BTS moments. Thirty minutes before showtime we scurried into the ballroom early, grabbing our assigned seats on the edges of the front row for maximum picture-capturing ability.

After each show we booked it out before the crowd, to meet the models/designers as they posed for pics. The place was packed with press, but I pushed and shoved my way through – no holds barred – no mercy (lol, only half kidding)….This was also a great time to get individual shots of the models, such as the jewelry details, which you gotta know was my focus.

I have my full recaps for each show below in the galleries. If you’re looking for a summary of the top trends:

  1. Mermaid sequins! (also known as double-sided sequins)
  2. Denim (embellished with chain, crystals, pearls etc especially denim chokers)
  3. Embellishment (a lot of crystal and 3D detailing on the fabric)
  4. Large statement earrings (in shiny metal colors)
  5. Appliques (there were sequin unicorn, evil eye, lips and even Superman appliqués )
  6. Fringe! Leather and silky types

Between shows Ela and I ran (yes, ran) outside to grab some street-style images for her insta and blog.The running included darting and dashing in-between taxis and passersby, but when in New York…..

Fueled by lattes (which is similar to my usual daily diet) for the weekend, I think me and Ela were happy when Monday came and we could sleep past five AM and go leisurely eat something. If in NY near Madison Square Garden, pleasseee stop at Paris Baguette, literally the best vanilla soy latte and baguette I’ve ever consumed. We walked to Bryant Park for a quick and last photoshoot for Ela’s blog, and headed to the airport….

A copious amount of “thank-you” to Fashion Gallery, Mr. Moore, Ariana, Carlos, Adriana, Craig (and of course Ela!) for the experience. Shout-out to the rest of the social media team: Faith, Stephanie, Sara, Malissa and Nicole. Also, thanks to all the models who let me and other team members take pic after pic of you guys! These girls (and guys) were all super nice and unbothered by our constant pose requests! Follow them on insta here: Camila Vega, Cynthia Relis, Jasmine Amber (she loves football, we were both dying to stream some Sunday football in between shows), Lauryn Gaffney, Stephanie Torres, Susn Dybvik, Idun Wedset, Hannoy Batista, Paulina Armenta, Bella Schuchardt,  Paige Lemek, Sara Beylin, Bonnie Yawen Liang, Kayla Moe, Kawan Kane, Emma Sliwinski, Annie Barros, Avadora Mimouni.

(Image of me in Bryant Park by Ela!)

Please note ALL my images below copyright Allison B. Cooling.  If you would like to re-post a photo, please credit me as the source/photographer.

NYFW 2017 - Photo Copyright Allison Beth Cooling

NYFW 2017 - Photo Copyright Allison Beth Cooling width=


Kepaza by Pernille Fristad

This collection seemed “beachy-modern” to me, with coral and seaside colors mixing with modern hemlines and curved lines. Large geometric metallic earrings kept the look contemporary.



Kania is a luxury sweatshirt line from Canada – the show started with a high energy, female-empowerment dance squad and featured these over-the-top (in a good way!) feather headdresses. Major colors were black, white and yellow hues, which is unexpected but chic.


Christopher Palu

Not going to lie, this was the collection and designer I was most excited to see/meet! I am not an avid watcher of Project Runway, but I specifically remember him from seasons ago and have been a fan since. His X-ray print collection from PR was insanely creative, and kind of what I’ve always remembered his designs by. He told us before the show that the inspiration was Joan of Arc mixed with modern influences – which basically made for a badass collection! Metallics, leather (faux leather, which I appreciated very much!), studs and chains were some of the key elements. All of the jewelry for the show was made by Emma Jane Designs, and featured large tassel and metallic lace earrings, plus statement necklaces.


Mychael Knight / Korto Momolu 

Both designers from Project Runway as well, these collections complimented each other in color and style. Knight’s sleek silhouettes with pops of neon green looked contemporary on the runway. Sequins and silver sparkles made quite the appearance; whether it was angel wing appliqués or rhinestone trim on skirts, it was all about sophisticated sleekness. Momolu’s collection took a more romantic vibe, incorporating embellished sequins and lace. Doublesided or “mermaid” sequins were also featured on jackets, dresses and tops.



Kaftan Citra

Gold embellishments decorated just about every dress in Kaftan Citra’s collection. Flowing silhouettes contrasted with bodycon pieces- my favorites were the flowing cape looks!


Anna Francesca

Part theater, part fashion, this show KILLED IT. As the last show of the night ,we had been warned all day about this show – it was BIG news, with BIG press. Models walked the runway in character to opera, with tulle flying and crystal-embellished pieces shining. It was a true “show” in every sense of the word. Every piece was intricately detailed, I can’t imagine how long these works of art took to make! Hair and makeup were so on point too, incorporating real flowers and foliage – and those glitter lips!!! (insert heart face emoji).

Mixed media was the biggest trend from this collection – pile on the feathers, rhinestones, fringe, beading and sequins. More is better! Lots of sheer fabric too, giving an ethereal, fairytale mood.



Emerging Designers //

Pierre-Henry Bor Paris, CG Atelier, The8thContinent, Concrete Revolution, Crlee Designs

This group featured up-and-coming designers, each with their own aesthetic. CG Atelier decided to go all black (a designer after my own heart! ) with strap details. Fishnets NECESSARY. The8thContinent also focused on dark hues, incorporating fur accents in unexpected places, like the jumpsuit below. Cool detailing for sure. Crlee went with a more flowy look, which led to some great movement shots on the runway. Pierre-Henry Bor had super innovative silhouettes, incorporating new ways to deconstruct and construct shirts and dresses. His collection is also vegan, which makes me love it more! Single ombre flower “tassel” earrings were the “It” accessory in this show as well. His soft, creamy colors fittingly reminded me of Paris – gimme a latte!


Pret-a-Porter //

By Monica Hoyer, Ourglass Collection, NicteelAntinoo Mens, Mah-Jing Wong, J. Mujet NYC, Page XVII

Again, a jam-packed collective filled with great style and vision! Hoyer’s pieces focused on neutral colors with fringe and lace detailing. I want that feather headband (feat. on model @iamsusndybvik)!! Ourglass’s silhouettes were bright pops of colors which contrasted perfectly against the white runway. Plenty of summery hues here. Plus, more sheer capes – yasssss. Page XVII’s princess pieces, complete with embellished crystals, sequins and ostrich feathers (be on trend watch for these feathers, they’re popping up everywhere!) glimmered onstage. Pom detailing is here to stay- vevet pom shoes at Ourglass and fur pom sneakers at J.Mujet were nice surprises. J. Mujet’s pink/blue rubber dress (seen on model @laurynjee below), made partly with jellyfish DNA, was insanely unique. Denim was trending too, seen at Ourglass and Mah-Jing Wong. I love Wong’s denim mix – some acid washed, some true blue, some dark, some distressed – all merged together in select pieces for a cool monochromatic, yet textured look.


Angel Brinks

The last and legit craziest (in a good way, of course) show of the weekend was Angel Brinks’ collection. Much like Anna Francesca, we were warned about this show being mobbed with famous guests, press, photographers and more. Being a Basketball Wife, Angel definitely showed up with her squad – Farrah Abraham sat a few seats down from me, and Remy Ma was in the other row, and The VH1 camera crew surrounded the area.

But, onto the clothes. I was all about the serious SPARKLE here, with each piece being totally decked-out in gems. From bodysuits, blazer and bombers to unicorn raincoats and more, this show did not disappoint (well, especially because I am a sucker for anything glitzy). Fun, bright and whimsical, it was a great way to end Fashion Weekend!