Sparkle and shine galore! My newest tutorial features delicate wire-looped beads connected into a long, glittering chain! They remind me of little sparkly candies sprinkled about, with all the different shapes, cuts and sizes.
These amulet-style necklaces are perfect for merging a more bohemian style with a super glam, yet slightly dainty look. What’s also great is that you can use up all the “bead soup” you have laying around to make a bunch of these layering necklaces.
I’ve made three necklaces with various color palettes and beads from Cousin brand. I’m especially loving those cool two-toned mirror beads. You can find these supplies at JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, AC Moore stores, Beverly’s Fabrics and even Walmart!
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I made these necklaces pretty long, but you can vary the length simply by making less beaded lungs. Also, you can make a couple in different lengths and wear them together.
This is a perfect beginner tutorial, because all you need to know is how to make wrapped loops. Attaching the pendant on bottom is as simple as adding a jumping, and you are all set! 
Let’s get started.
Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are:
-An assortment of beads: crystals, pearls, metal, glass, whichever you like. You can find a lot of mixes online, I’ll list a few here: mixed large rondelle crystals, mixed colorful lampwork beads, colorful faux pearls, 4mm small colorful bicones. Make sure that the colors compliment each other!
Silver Wire, 24 gauge. One roll of 40′ can get you 3 necklaces. 
-Large bohemian pendants. The exact ones I used I had for a while and not sure where I got them, but you can find some cool pendants on Amazon! Here are some I found online: Turquoise bohemian pendant, Spiritual Flower Mandala pendant,Bohemian Feather pendant. Or, you could add small charms throughout the necklace, there’s some colorful charm lots that have a lot of different designs for your use!


Step 2: Make the links. Cut about 3″ or so, and form a wrapped loop at top with the round nose pliers. Add your bead. Bend the wire at a right angle to the bead, and make another wrapped loop. Cut off the excess. You have your first link.
To save wire, don’t cut huge pieces because you will end up just cutting all the excess off, and this is wire you could have used! Keep it to a couple inches, even less for small beads.


Step 3: Repeat. Keep repeating the links, making sure to catch one loop within the last link’s loop to connect the chain. Alternate beads. Keep going until it is the length you like, making sure you can fit it over your head to put on.   Simply add your pendant anywhere on the necklace to finish with a jumpring!
The colors here were inspired by this image below I took while in Naples, Florida.
That green/teal/blue/golden look.
I like the ease of these necklaces. You can wear them alone, or layer them up for my favorite bohemian look! Plus, these are great for summer because they are lightweight and less chunky than the previous winter/fall style jewelry.
Even though I used all silver wire here, feel free to use gold, or copper, or gunmetal for different looks. 
Have fun! If you use this tutorial, post the finished product to Instagram and tag with @quietlioncreations –I will regram it! 
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Thanks very much for the idea here! I'm going to do a variation of this!

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