The perfect accessory for all my gypsies, this crystal beaded headband is so intensely sparkly, yet so quick to make. The key?! Beaded chain. Saves you seriously hours of connecting beads ‘cuz it’s premade. Like who doesn’t like that?!

Anyway, most of the materials I’m using here are all jewelry making supplies by Pandahall. You can find their whole array of beads and more on I love the bright red of the crystals (which definitely look like Swarovskis to me – they were sparklier than I expected!) and the contrast between silver and that cherry red. It’s an unusual color for me, but I loved it! It especially looks great with brown hair, like on my wonderful model Olivia. If you had blonde hair, I’d go with a lighter color crystal like a pale blue or even clear. If you’ve got black hair, any color is game. Redheads – olive green or even black would be super cool.

I’ll also show you how to apply a metallic tattoo to this mother of pearl focal bead. That mandala pattern totally makes the design. Metallic tattoos are so on trend – why not use them for jewelry making too?!
Let’s start!

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are pliers (you should really use flat nose, but I’m being lazy), clear gloss glaze, E6000 glue, a small metallic tattoo, 4mm silver jump rings (mine by Cousin), a mother of pearl shell pendant, crystal flatback cabochons from Pandahall (specifically these 2.7mm Crystal Nail Art Flatbacks), Pandahall beaded chain (specifically this Red Glass Crystal Bead Chain).

Step 2: To apply the metallic tattoo to the mother of pearl, simply cut out your tattoo from the sheet. Place face down in the middle of the pendant, and press firmly. Dab water on top of the paper backing, let sit for about 30 seconds, then gently peel it off. Wait until dry, then coat with clear gloss glaze. Let that dry. Then, glue on crystals with the E6000 glue.

Step 3: Take the beaded chain, and cut a piece the same circumference as your head. Attach a 4mm jumpring to the pendant, then attach one side of the beaded chain to this ring. Attach the other end to the other side of the pendant.

With about a 3″ piece of beaded chain, attach it to the jump rings again to form an arc. This will hang below the pendant (on your forehead).

Step 4: With about a 6″ piece of chain, attach one end to the jumpring again. Attach the other end about 4″ down from the pendant. Repeat with the other side. This will add two arcs to the headpiece.

You can keep going here, as I did, and add more arcs if you’d like. I added one more on each side, which I felt filled out my piece. Try out different combos and see what your favorite look is!

The key here is getting the lengths correct – it should fit just around the top of your head, snugly, without being too tight or too loose that it pulls down. It’s lightweight enough that it won’t drag down.

This design works best with straightened or slightly wavy hair, so that it lays flat. Style it with a simple black top or tee, jeans and flats (or even wedges) for a chic, beachy vibe.

All photos copyright Allison Beth Cooling. Do not post or reuse without crediting me!
Model credit: Olivia Czupta

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