Sometimes, dainty sparkle and shine is all that’s needed to make a statement. I’m not always a fan of dainty jewelry (I like my big beaded pieces), but love the indie vibe chokers have. These braided 90s style pieces can be worn alone, or layered with other pieces for a more bohemian look.

And all those crystal charms you see?! They’re earrings. I have 13 ear piercings, and I’m always losing my pairs, whether both or one at a time. I’ve found a use for all my widowed earrings here, using them as sparkly focal points in each necklace.

These whip up quick, because they’re simply braided. I made all those pieces you see here in an hour. I’m super impatient, so I love anything that doesn’t take long to make!

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are 4mm and 6mm jump rings, flat nose pliers, 1.5mm Chinese knotting nylon cord (in all colors!), lobster clasps and miscellaneous earring posts.

Simply cut three lengths of nylon cord that are 1.5 times the length you want your choker. Braid together.

Measure out the length you want your choker, and cut an extra half inch on each side. To finish, thread the braid through the 6mm jump ring, and use a 4mm to crimp both ends of thread- squeeze the jumpring tight to secure. With your post earring, cut about a 1/4 inch of the post off with wire cutters. To create a charm, simply use round nose pliers to loop the post over , catching the braid in, Flatten then with the round nose pliers. I did have one earring that broke, so be careful!

This would be a great BFF project – a total update on those cotton knotted bracelets, right?! You could also use initial beads to personalize these. Make them in all color combos -the more the merrier!

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Super cute and a clever way to use those pretty orphaned earrings and other charms. also, easy enough for a newbie jewelry maker like me to do. Thanks!

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