This macrame necklace definitely brings the heat, thanks to a mix of bright silver metallics, neon cording, and flashy faceted crystals. I really love any piece that makes a statement, and this DIY jewelry project inspired by South Beach totally tells a story. If you’ve never thought to use macrame knots in a more updated and sophisticated way, then now’s your chance!

This is sort of a weird mix of materials. Fancy crystals, acrylic geometric beads, bright blue glass rounds, eclectic triangle beads, and that neon cord! But, somehow, it totally works and it totally conveys that South Beach, Art Deco vibe! I took a trip to South Beach years ago and was fascinated with the architecture, bold bright colors, and 1920’s-inspired design elements. This necklace embodies that tropical mood. What’s more, this DIY necklace is adjustable because of the sliding closure. It’s also a simple square knot that creates the wrapped look, and I’ll show you all the steps. Feel free to use this same technique to make a matching bracelet or more necklaces in different color combos for different outfits. Get inspired! Once you get that square knot technique down, making pieces like this will get easier. You can play around with the amount of knots in-between each bead to space them out more, if you’d like. Also, if you aren’t digging the neon (why not?!) feel free to choose your color palette.

Black cord would look super elegant on silver crystals and those same silver beads for a very modern look. Or, go with a white cord and all black beads for high contrast. I love the fan-like pattern those triangle beads make. You can also use teardrop crystal beads for the same effect. Whichever materials you use, be sure to have fun with it!

To view the whole tutorial for this project, head on over to my CraftPaperScissors page!

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