The simply subdued moss greens, frost blues and light sage combine perfectly here in these wrapped arm adornments. Using small pieces of thin gauge wire to wrap on stones, crystals and pearls to leather cording creates lightweight, eclectic bracelets that definitely look sophisticated.

I’ve chosen beads that all fit within this very calming color scheme. You could totally mix up the look by using bright colored leather and tropical beads (wood, shell, painted, etc) to create a totally tiki-chic look! Or, go with a neutral color scheme of black, gold and silver for something surely glam. No matter what the theme you pick, the technique always remains the same. It’s all about those wraps, bout the wraps, bout the wraps.

I’ll spell out the entire steps below — read on!

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are an assortment of beads (gemstones, crystals, metal —great gemstone mix here), lobster clasps, 6mm open jump rings, 28g craft wire, leather or suede cord, wire cutters and flatnose pliers.

Step 2: Cut a piece of leather that is 3X the width of your wrist (usually 7 or 7.5 inches), plus 2″. Thread a jumpring .5″ from the end of the leather. Bend the leather backwards, capturing the jumpring in the loop. Use another jumpring to secure this loop, squishing it closed around both pieces of leather. This is a super easy way to end leather, no cord ends necessary!

Step 3: Cut a 4″ piece of wire. Wrap snugly about 1.5″ from the end of the leather, then string on a bead. Wrap the wire around the leather again to secure this bead in place.
Wrap on more beads, or cut the wire flush to the leather to finish off.

Step 4: Continue with this wire wrapping method, wrapping on random beads (mix it up for an eclectic look!) anywhere from 1-2″ apart from each other on the leather strand. When you’ve reached about  2.5″ from the end, thread on another jumpring.

Step 5: Secure the end, repeating Step 1’s method. Use additional jump rings to add a lobster clasp to one side.

Simply wrap the bracelets around your wrist and clasp to close. These look even better when stacked with more wraps, in a cool color scheme. You could also wear these as necklaces, too, or even try as anklets! Very versatile!

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